Bungie Jumping: Bungie's Frank O'Connor: Games on Other Platforms Possible

Forbes magazine reports (direct quotes):

Bungie Studios will break away from Microsoft, its parent since 2000, both companies said Friday, though Microsoft will keep an equity interest in Bungie and will continue to publish many of Bungie's games--future spin-offs from "Halo," included.

Why would Microsoft allow such a marvelous cash cow to roam free? ... "This is seen as a reward to them for 'Halo' doing so well," says Bungie writing lead Frank O'Connor. Day-to-day interactions with Microsoft will remain the same, he says.

. . .

For what O'Connor calls the "medium term," Bungie is committed to giving Microsoft first choice of any games it develops, and working on programs for the Xbox, Microsoft Game Studios and a spin-off from the "Halo" series. O'Connor says that in the future it is possible that Bungie would develop games for other platforms...

In time, Bungie developers could see their work appear on those platforms and on portable systems and computers, rather than toiling exclusively for Microsoft.

"This lets us not be tied down to the processes inherent in a big corporation," says O'Connor. "We never conformed to the typical Microsoft culture."

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Real Gambler4494d ago

The guys at Bungie are tired of working on Halo. Microsoft let them loose a bit, while still holding most of their future IP rights. On the other side, there's already another dev somewhere in the world that is already working on Halo 4. One or two years from now, bam, big news, Halo 4 is coming up, and it's done by "add dev name here". Since time will have passed, nobody will say: "Hey, only Bungie can make Halo".

Everybody is happy, the end.

Gina-get-u4494d ago

We don't have to wait that long. You were wrong even before you clicked the add comment button. This little snippet came from O'Connor's interview with GameDailyBiz:

BIZ: Has Bungie grown tired of the Halo universe? Will there be a Halo 4 from Bungie?

FO: No. We love the Halo universe and still have projects going on within it, like the Peter Jackson collaboration and dowloadable content. If we ever return to the Halo universe, I'm sure we'd have cool stories to tell. The universe is, after all, infinite.

So there. If I ever create something that makes me a millionaire, I'd have a hard time getting sick of it too.

razer4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

meet bullet!

It's in MS's DNA to fail in the console business.. How anyone can spin this into a positive for the 360 platform is just plain dillusional.. Sony has developer allies in the console business, MS has developer hands that want into their wallet. This is just the start of the downward spiral.. Time will tell if I'm right or not. You just don't get rid of %80 of your first party game companies for no reason. If the 360 becomes the third party release whatever junk you want on it console where you have 50 titles and then maybe 1 Bioshock calibre title that is what turned many off the PS2. I can't count how many mediocre titles that are coming to the 360 and I can't count the quality titles on one hand.

The whole entertainment division at MS is turning into a sideshow circus! With the bearded lady(Shane Kim) and the strongman who suspends anvils from his balls (Don Mattrick).

EZCheez4494d ago

Maybe we will see Halo DS?!

If they make a game on any console other than the 360 first, it will most definitely be the Wii. Maybe they'll make a Cooking Master Chief game. It would be a nice break for them.

Super Master Chief Galaxy
Halo Sports
Master Chief Fitness (with the board)
Resident Halo (with zombies)

So many possibilities.

Gina-get-u4494d ago

Man, chill out. In any creative business, nothing good ever comes out of forcing somebody to do anything that they aren't completely into, because no amount of threats or money can buy inspiration. Microsoft learned that the hard way when they bought RARE. Those dorks cranked out nothing but insipid rubbish to fullfill the letter of their contracts, then bailed as soon as their restrictive clauses expired, along with all the money MS paid them. So instead of trying to tie creative minds down with legalese, its more effective to cultivate trust and good working relationships with talented people and allow them to work only on projects that they are genuinely interested in and enjoy. Microsoft obviously understands that now, judging from the feedback we're hearing from independent developers that appeared genuinely happy with the tools, support and compensation they received from MS. Just ask Cliffy B., Itagaki, Bioware, 2K Boston, etc. (remember when Mark Rein took a huge dump on somebody that posted a rumour that Epic was pissed off with MS?). None of these people are obliged to continue working with MS if they don't want to any further, but they are all coming back for more. Ever wonder why?

That's why I find it so easy to believe O'Connor when he says Bungie is not at all unhappy with their relationship with MS, and that the decision to set them free was a reward for a job well done. Those guys got paid millions in bonuses, and they could have easily quit and dumped MS if they wanted to. But they aren't. In the first place, I dare anybody to look at the wacky genius on display in such nifty touches as the Forge and Halo Theater, and tell me this was made by people that were not having a good time and just drudging it out. Also, if you hung around Bungie's forums and tuned in to their regular updates and podcasts, you'd have seen people with enough zip left over to fool around with their fans and just chew the fat about work and all sorts of other stuff. You can't fake Bungie's brand of humor and energy if you are miserable.

Finally, don't you think that by rewarding Bungie like they did, MS is actually sending a message to the development community about what kind of rewards they could expect if they choose to work with MS? What that grand gesture says to me is "give us your best stuff and we will make you rich, happy and independent." Word tends to get around, you know.

Nameless4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

Its in Sony Droids DNA to be complete jack asses

SKUD4494d ago

What kind of new games we will be playing from this now "independent" game studio.

jackdoe4494d ago

Not really truly independent, pretty much in name. That is until they develop something for another platform though.

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