Universal Japan Touts Spielberg Titles in HD DVD Presentation

The inclusion of several classic Steven Spielberg titles in an HD DVD presentation given by Universal Studios Japan got tongues wagging online Friday. A screenshot from the presentation, which includes mention of 'Jaws,' 'E.T.' and 'Jurassic Park' among other high-profile Universal titles began appearing online shortly after it was delivered at the CEATAC conference this week in Japan. The mere image of Spielberg tiles on a page wrapped by the "Look and Sound of Perfect" graphics common to all of Universal's HD DVD discs was enough to whip fans into a near-frenzy.

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Lord Anubis4084d ago

let's see how spielberg reacts to this one. It wouldn't be Universal's first violation.

skynidas4084d ago

it would be funny if spielberg sue universal

darthv724083d ago

It has been reported that some regios get movies from a certain format on a different format because of who is distributing it. Perhaps here those titles will be on BR but elsewhere they could be on HDDVD. It shouldn't be viewed as anything to get excited about.

felman874083d ago

True, but blu-ray is far more popular in japan than HD-DVD. It'll be interesting to see how things unfold from here. Not that I care too much about these things anyway.

Snukadaman4083d ago

thats why only his movies are multiformat so no one loses off the hounds.

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