Rumor Buster: GTA 7 NOT PS3 Exclusive

Following reports of Sony grabbing the exclusive rights to the seventh game in the Grand Theft Auto series, 1PStart's JW decided to do some research in an attempt to confirm the story.

What he discovered made one thing very apparent: This rumor is almost certainly false.

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skynidas4495d ago

i knew that i have read that somewhere

cloudstrife4495d ago

the exclusive story says nothing about gta being exclusive either. its supposedly a new ip from rockstar

Feihc Retsam4495d ago (Edited 4495d ago )

The new PS3 exclusive from Rockstar is not part of the GTA series.

Rockstar (nor any other big developer) would commit themselves to selling a AAA (or big Money) title exclusively on the worst selling console on the market right now.

Until the PS3 gets some better games and proves that it is going to pick up the pace in hardware sales, I don't expect to hear of many big companies signing exclusive deals for the PS3 outside of the first party studios that are owned by SONY.

Thankfully, for SONY, they have some of the best in-house game creators in their fold. For example Team Ico.

Team Ico produced games in the last generation of consoles that went mostly unappreciated and unnoticed by the "mainstream" crowd.

I think now, largely in part to the rave reviews and better sales of Shadow of the Colossus, you can expect the next Team Ico game to move PS3s off store shelves.

Heaven_Or_Hell4495d ago

I had already read that on the annoucement of the NEW IP from Rockstar to be a PS3 exclusive

D R Fz4495d ago (Edited 4495d ago )

came from the November 2007 issue # 76 of the Official Xbox Magazine.

Now this supposed rumor buster comes from:

Sounds like another amateur site just trying get some hits.
I mean I could have posted 10 valid opinion pieces under the title, Rumor Buster : No Ps3 Price-cut, on some random website. Does that make it ok for it to be posted on N4G? Although this rumor may not be true, 1pstart does not discredit the rumor completely. If it's definitely worth it, a more credible site would confront the rumor with legit sources. I wonder if Kotaku heard about the rumor.

Lol, WilliamRLBaker, even if I had the chance, this is a source I would have to question.

O well, on to better things.

WilliamRLBaker4495d ago

your just mad that someone else posted it instead of you.

MikeGdaGod4495d ago

sounds like a xbot sh!ttin their pants to me

this guy has no proof either way, he's just saying he doesn't believe it.

look i can do it too, watch:

WilliamRLBaker4495d ago

OXM reports on Sony securing the next GTA exlusive? Before sony anounces it?

what about that doesn't sound weird? the OFFICIAL XBOX MAGAZINE finding out that GTA7 *a bad thing for xbox* is ps3 exlusive. Or That they found it out and announced it before sony?

LOL your just mad that you didn't post and you know you'd post it da rite I've seen you go on a posting benge lately and not much of it has been worthwhile either.

MikeGdaGod4495d ago (Edited 4495d ago )

since we all know its not the price drop

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xaphanze4495d ago

Why did get approved anyway?Its fake what the heck is this website?

sonarus4495d ago

hdgames looks more credible than but both dnt look to credible. I will say its fake until we at least see some scans. This should be sorted out soon enough

mighty_douche4495d ago

the internet in general is not a place for proof, until scans arrive this is all speculation. if there are scans that is.

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The story is too old to be commented.