Crytek denies Halo 3 envy

Earlier last week, GamesRadar reported that Crysis' single-player demo - which was originally scheduled to release on September 25 - had been delayed till October 26. According to developer, Crytek, the delay was meant to ensure that the November 16 ship date could be met.

Although Crysis is one of the most highly anticipated first-person shooters scheduled to release this year - with many fans eager to get their hands on the demo - there was another big title launching on September 25: Halo 3.

There's been some speculation that Crytek's true motive for delaying the demo was to let the Halo 3 hype to die down a bit so the demo would receive more attention.

However, according to Crytek's Sten Hübler - whose work focuses on Crysis' single-player experience - the delay had nothing to do with Master Chief's third adventure. "I think that was just a coincidence," said Hübler, when asked if the real reason for the delay was due to the demo's initial release date coinciding with Halo 3's debut.

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socomnick4033d ago

While crysis may have beautiful graphics that seems to be all it has .
The hype surrounding halo 3 is much much much bigger than crysis hype.
Its a shame very few people will get to play crysis though.

snoopgg4033d ago

The hype has died now that Halo 3 showed us what it really is. Halo 3 is just a very average shooter at best. It doesn't really shine like the hype behind it does. But once again thank Bill Gates for that. Crysis will make Halo3 gameplay and graphics look like crap.

BloodySinner4033d ago

Too bad the sales won't make it look like crap.