Top 5 games that deserve a second chance

Soon the holiday season will be upon us, and with it comes the inevitable glut of new video games. But before you go spending all your hard-earned cash, you should take a look at some games that came out in the last 12 months that you might have missed in the shuffle.

Sure, these games may not have received as much press as "Halo 3" did, but that doesn't mean they're not worth your time. With so many games released each year some great ones simply slip through the cracks. And since overlooked games are often in the bargain bin, you might find yourself saving a few bucks, too.

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Bolts4033d ago

I stop reading after Super Paper Mario. Dumb article.

MK_Red4033d ago

ZOMG, Awesome and sad list. Psychonauts, Crush, Lumines 2 are among the best games of all time and it's sad to see many people just ignore them but WTF are Pro Evo and Super Paper Mario doing there?

And there are two of the greatest PSP games of all time in that list: Crush and Lumines 2. So this means that PSP does NOT lack good games, it's people's problem that they buy more Star Wars and Smackdown VS Raw ports than these gems.

DethWish4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Psychonauts is one of the best PC games of all time in my opinion, and that says alot...

I didn't see psychonauts in there though :o
It should've been

hotrider124033d ago

contra, r-type shooter and gradius those games should of been on the list as well

xxjeran123xx4033d ago

yeah, games like those should of been included. I thought the list was totally whack, but it gives you the option to go on their board or whatever and vote for you what you think.

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