T500 RS Racing Wheel Review: The REAL Driving Simulator (

Eric Blattberg of writes, "There’s no doubt that the T500 RS is incredible piece of hardware, but with a suggested retail price of $600 USD / £450 GPB / €500 EUR, is its monumental cost justified? I was initially unconvinced, as most people would be when greeted with a $600 video game accessory. After spending two weeks with the wheel, however, I shifted gears: for the dedicated Gran Turismo fan, the T500 RS is unequivocally worth its colossal asking price."

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porgep2827d ago

Ouch, $600! But, man, that thing looks incredible. Seems like this would make GT5 even better.

CrzyFooL2827d ago

For the price of this wheel, GT5 and a PS3 you could buy an actual working real life car.

NaiNaiNai2827d ago

my car cost me 400$, 50$ for a new alternator. insurance, and registration/inspection.

came out to about what the wheel costs.

and I could get it up to 132mph on the highway. :D yea way better then a wheel. and now I've purchased several parts to make the car even better for another 600$.

upturned22827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Yea, well, we can say that about a lot of things.

Have a good day now.

Ever occur to you that the only people who would purchase this are those who have money and those who are racers. What makes you two so special?

Neko_Mega2827d ago

Yeah for a used car, used isn't good.

I think I might buy this, not to bad of a price, less I heard it was going to be $800.

mrmancs2827d ago

i want this bad boi , but way above my price range , besides im saving for my monolith plus sub! so many things to buy and want, and so little money! :( lol

Scottyabanks2827d ago

I want it now! Can't wait till work opens up this year. My only concern though is the fact it's only supported by GT5. I don't want it to turn into a 600 dollar brick.

NBT912826d ago

Dude that thing costs double the price of the PS3 (GBP price)! Sorry but nothing is going to make me spend that much on a racing wheel, especially when the DFGT is available and and like £400 cheaper lol.

Si-Fly2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Personal preference isnt it? I used to use a DFGT but have just spent £1000 on a Fanatec GT2 with clubsports and a Gamepod but then I really enjoy racing games. The T500 looks great, if they ever do a 360 compatible version id definitely consider one.

Scottyabanks2826d ago

I've never owned a racing wheel. It's always been a goal of mine. I guess you could say I'm a tad ignorant as to what's a good wheel to start off with.

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