8 minutes of Crysis

Almost 8 minutes of new gameplay taken by GT showing off more of Crysis, the first game announced to run on the advanced DirectX 10 architecture and on the new CryENGINE 2 technology. Crysis features an epic three-act story of alien invasion where players are able to customize their armor and weapons in real time to confront an ever-changing enemy and a harsh, dynamic environment.

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skynidas4486d ago

best pc game of the year

ShiftyLookingCow4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

awesome stuff, esp the freeze gun death in one of the videos

[edit] wow all those videos DX9, Crysis is going to be the first title to use DX10 properly, can't wait to see how that turns out

nurayi4486d ago

I was playing beta earlier and the game may look superb, but rest assured the gameplay is just as good. Should be a very good Christmas for shooter fans, with this and UT3.

Bolts4486d ago

Just download it and see for yourself.

masterg4486d ago

Can anyone do that?
If so.. Where?