New 40Gb Playstation 3 Screenshots

Here are New Shots of the 40Gb PS3. Enjoy.

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Mr PS34034d ago

Any other PS3 in fact iv'e seen these photo's before maybe before the launch of the PS3 ha ha good news though for any one sitting on the fence

sadiq4034d ago

ur stupid, first off there are 2 less usb ports on the front, then, the playstation3 writtin on top and the logo by disc insert is painted on

boi4034d ago

nothing much changed so no need for pictures...I can see it being with 2 usb ports tho

Counter_ACT4034d ago

I don't see a difference.

mighty_douche4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

ummm i dont need to look at screenshots, theres one 8 feet from me!

..."ahhh whos a pretty boy then..? you are!"...

sh1t you guys didnt hear that did you?? nah, nah its fine.... *feeewwww*

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The story is too old to be commented.