60GB PS3 To Be Phased Out In Europe

On the Official UK Playstation wesite it states that the 60GB PS3 will be phased out once stocks are exhausted.

"In the UK and Ireland, a Value Pack consisting of a 60GB PS3 with extensive backwards compatibility and two first party titles will be on sale at a price of €499 (£349). Remaining on sale while stocks last, the 60GB model represents outstanding value for the keen gamer wishing to upgrade to the High Definition capabilities of PS3. Once stocks are exhausted the new 40GB model will be the only one available in the SCEE territories."

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UnblessedSoul4122d ago

Wow I think thats stupid oh well least I got mine at launch

Vip3r4122d ago

I too think it's stupid. The US get the 80GB models but Europe get the striped down 40GB models. Europe getting the shaft again.

nasim4121d ago

with 40 gig ps3 u get a NEXT GEN BD player, wifi,HDMI 1.3 and free online

grabage box 360 elite--a defective an d much lower powered console costs 450 Euro in EUROPE.

there are 120 million ps2 owners out there who need a PS3 to play next gen games not OLD PS2 games.

There is nothing striped about the contains exactly the same things as the 60/80gig except EE+ GS which are unnecessary cuz i will not play ps2 games on my ps3.

The 60gig cost just 50 pounds more than a 40 gig in UK 300 vs 350 pounds.

you can also get the 60gig for 350 which comes with 2 free games as well

Vip3r4119d ago

Now I know why you have just one bubble. I'm not a "BOT" as I don't own a 360. I have a 60GB PS3 and the point I was trying to make was why does the new euro model not include the PS2 emulator when on other continents' PS3s do? What happens if someones PS2 breaks after buying a PS3? Then they are going to have to buy another PS2. No?

"There is nothing striped about the contains exactly the same things as the 60/80gig except EE+ GS which are unnecessary cuz i will not play ps2 games on my ps3."

Uh-huh, you also forgot about the 2 missing USB ports and no memory card readers too. And so this is what I mean by stripped.

Next time before you argue, don't be a fanboy about it kk.

SonySoldiers4122d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Don't be STUPID like cowboys. The 40GB version is just as powerful as the 60GB version. Even it still leapfrogs the XCOW360 by miles.

People have been asking for a price-cut, so we deliver it!!
It's the FUTURE because it's Made in Japan.
Kaz is our GOD! He can't be wrong. Please obey HIM!


Just BUY it, you won't regret.... WE NEED TO WIN NEXT YEAR! No Excuses
Do not buy domestic-products, the arrogance power of Japan RULES!


frank jaeger4121d ago

holy crap! this guys completly drunk! he keeps saying the ps3 will win the console wars! ...myabe in a million years...

PS3>we'll get some good stuff at the end of the year 2121 in the meantime PLAY BEHIND!

SuperSaiyan44121d ago

How much shafting is Sony going to give us in the UK seriously?
USA gets an 80gb model and was there's downgraded? No.

But those that are keen on the Playstation brand especially in UK/Europe are probably going to get the biggest hit up the backside in history with this then - a downgraded PS3 which is noticeably cheaper.

Now if Microsoft was to do this I know for a fact that every Sony fan would laugh in hesteria...But I aint laughing...

I think this is outrageous especially considering that £300 is around $600 which will get you teh 80gb model in the USA.

Meus Renaissance4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

It makes little sense to keep this SKU as the final one. There will be a 80GB in the Spring when Sony introduces their media service via the PSN as they've been hinting.

This is just PR spin. Sony aren't stupid.

fury4121d ago

But in the end i believe they will introduce the 80GB PS3 to Europe.

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