Bungie's Frank O'Connor Explains The Studio's Departure from MS

Bungie Studios has reclaimed its independence, but what does it all mean? In this interview, Content Manager Frank O'Connor tells GameDaily BIZ that negotiations began about a year ago and that the deal is "an evolution of Bungie's independent spirit." More within...

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power of Green 4493d ago

Seems like too many have busted their nut way too soon with the first announcment. I even seen *the Captian* talking crazzy radical sh*t in the 40gig PS3 thread, what was that Halo Sigma?.

jcgamer4493d ago

crazy talk, I agree with you...and he even had some

mighty_douche4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

no one expects a halo game to ever come to the ps3, and fanckly i doubt many ps3 owners would want it, not because of the quality of the game or graphics or any of that BS but purely because i feel the xbox is its home and thats where it should stay, like MGS on the playstation although thats not to say id be unhappy to see it come to the xbox as long as the doesnt compromise anything. you people seem to love exclusive games purely because they sell consoles, now realisticly this effects you, the gamer how? and dont use developer support, once both systems are above 10mil no developer in their right mind will turn their back on it if they can help it.

me personally im very happy that bungie have left M$ just because now ALL OF US get to enjoy these brilliant developers work? why is that a bad thing? i also dont like to see a developer working under a parent company, sure the money the company throws in wether it M£/SONY/NINTENDO helps to created a better game, normally, but these companies will always make demands on that developer, remember its their money after all. let the creative juices flow i say.

gta_cb4493d ago

i do agree, although you cant really say like MGS should stay on the PS3 as if you remember MGS was on the xbox other then that i do agree that to me the Xbox/360 feels like Halo's home

razer4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

than to dance on the corpses of MS fanboys, but yes it was a bit premature.

Still, I don't care how Bungie/MS happily spin this, the industry is going to look at it as a negative and it will be something that I believe will influence the decisions of future MS partners. It seems if you sign with MS you are giving up your creative freedom.

unlimited4493d ago

were u here when 360 fanboys was constantly putting article that the ps3 is dead and no games and etc..both side is horrible but hey we learn to live with it lol...i dont want microsoft to go away because competitoin is good.

EZCheez4493d ago

No matter how peaceful the separation really was, it's really hard to look at it in a positive manner, ESPECIALLY after the release of Halo 3. The only logical reason most people could see in this separation after Halo 3 is that they just don't want to do it anymore.

I'm sure there will be more Halo's though. You can't just stop making a game that makes that much money. Whether Bungie will make the next one is a completely different story though.

Gina-get-u4493d ago

Man, this isn't bad news. I don't see the downside. MS just doesn't like owning devs anymore. It hasn't worked out too well for them. MS and Bungie are still tight. Bungie will give MS first dibs on the good stuff. What are you worried about?

Pain704493d ago

they did just make $300,000,000 in a week from "1" video game being overbearing. if Bungie is upset because they have to follow the rules of the MotherShip, maybe they should check out what has happened to other developers who have lost their focus on success for the sake of "keeping it real." its all about cash, not how you feel. sorry to be so American, but money makes the world go round! ask Sony. they lost focus on the gamer and went to the entertainment center; hence, lower than expected sales. give consumers what THEY want, not what YOU want to give them. Happy Gaming to ALL!!! out....

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power of Green 4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

I'm trying very hard to see where you're comming from.

I don't think people/devs care as long as they can make money and buy games.

I don't think its PR spin theres an actual respect and pantner ship there. We don't know if MSFT's restructuring/cleaning house etc. Haters and fanboys will look at this as an negative, if anything this will give new devs hope of being the new Bungie.

I'm sure Bungie wants to be its own enity and not labled as MSFT's little B*tch and MSFT not wanting the image of depending on Bungie to pull the 360's weight this is something both parties have been talking about for ages.

MSFT never bought Bizzar Creations so they didn't lose anything there.

Could you imagine the pressures Bungie was under think about that, if they stayed it would have stripped their creativity from stress.

THC CELL4493d ago

what to bet we see a halo on ps3

dachiefsman4493d ago

well evidently you didn't read the article....MS owns Halo....pretty safe bet the Halo series will never appear on another system besides Xbox

EZCheez4493d ago

And would you really want it to? That's why I own a PS3. Because I'm not crazy about Halo. Let Microsoft keep it.

Salvadore4493d ago

MS owns right to the Halo IP's.

fjtorres4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

Or "Bungie said its primary focus will remain developing for Microsoft's platform."

This is Bungie going from First party developer (part of MS and operating by MS rules) to second-party developer (independent but captive, operating by their own rules but solely for 360).

No amount of wishing for Halo for PS3 will make it happen, kids.
Especially since it makes no financial or creative sense for either Bungie (who are clearly sick-n-tired of working halo for ten years) or MS.
Want Halo? Buy a 360.
Don't want it?
Then move along...nobody's going to force you.

Adamalicious4493d ago

Where did you read that they are making games exclusively for the 360?

fjtorres4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

BIZ: Is it possible that the Halo universe or Bungie's future games could appear on other consoles now?

FO: Right now we're concentrating on the Xbox 360. Which we adore.

I understand reality is hard to accept, but...

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