Maguire explains PS3 BC loss

Sony UK boss Ray Maguire says that money previously invested in PlayStation 3's backwards compatibility with PS2 is better spent on new game development or helping to support hardware price cuts.

"As we come to our first Christmas with the PlayStation 3 there's going to be about 65 games in the marketplace, so we feel now that there's sufficient choice in the marketplace and that we're still better off using that money that we'd put into backwards compatibility in either investing in new games or using that money to help support bringing the price down so that people can get into the franchise," Maguire told our sister site in an interview due to be published on Monday.

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TheExecutive4033d ago

I guess I cant really say that he is right or wrong, however, if they save a substantial amount of money by excluding BC then I agree with him, if it's not that much money and they are cutting corners than this is just a PR stunt.

Either way BC is gone, live with it or buy the 60 or 80 gig. A 299 PS3 is a steal anyway, enjoy.

mike_mgoblue4033d ago

The loss of two USB ports, and the loss of the Memory Card ports are very disappointing.

And the 100% loss of backward compatibility with older Playstation games makes it so the 40GB version of the Playstation 3 is something that consumers will not be interested in...I know I would never be interested in a product like that for such a high price!

Look at history as proof. The 20GB version of the PS3 sold very poorly on the market, but it still had more features than this new 40GB model...Eliminating USB Ports and removing backward compatibility really is a BIG mistake.

Real Gambler4033d ago

Currently, there's two ways to do backward compatibility on the PS3. Older PS3 have the original PS2 chips onboard. For cost saving, they removed those and are now doing backward compatibility by software only. It's already done. Lines of codes, once they are working, do not cost anything to add into hardware...

So sure, I don't expect a cheaper version of the PS3 to have the extra PS2 chips onboard because they cost money, but firmware is already done and cost nothing. Could this be another case of a big wig talking about something he doesn't have any clue about? Quite often, the more you're getting paid, the less you should talk in public : ) Or the more often, you're misquoted : (

crinale4033d ago

Euro version of PS3 has EE emulated, but still has GS chip hardware.
Obviously new SKU has GS taken out as well as EE.

BTW, GS is VERY difficult to emulate..

Real Gambler4033d ago

Even if the graphic chip was confirmed to be very very cheap (We're not talking massive GPU here). But it does seem that they went after every little thing they could cut off.

I was the first one to say that backward compatibility was not needed, yet, when I bought my PS3, I unplugged the PS2 right away. (Sure enough, I have one with the Emotion chip). I found out that I still play PS2 games regularly, and I truly enjoy them looking better than before...

Wish I could find out how much this chip cost. Not sure it was such a great move... On the other side, a very cheap PS3 has to be a great move : )

crinale4033d ago

is not the only factor to determine the total cost.
Reducing such chip (chip with MANY pins) from PCB gives you quite
a bit of cost cut.

I haven't seen the actual PCB of new SKU so I may be wrong, though...

BrianC62344033d ago

Real Gambler - This was actually smart of Sony. Anyone who wants to play PS2 and PlayStation games on their PS3 should just buy the 60GB model. It's not like they don't have a choice. This new model is just for gamers who won't pay more than the cost of the 360. Now they have no reason to sit back.

PumPum4033d ago

Ive never heard of a "GS" chip? Want to be kind and explain?
ps2 didnt have a separate GPU u know.

lawman11084033d ago

1 That's the reason I bought a 60gb PS3 because it has the BC chips

2 The 360 does BC via online down load all but 4 games are BC with the 360

crinale4033d ago

PlayStation2 DOES have video chip, called Graphics Synthesizer, or GS for short.
To make a SKU backward compatible, you need both CPU (EE) and GPU (GS).

Older Euro SKU had GS implemented, but new one doesn't.
This is why new SKU isn't backward compatible.

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PS360WII4033d ago

This is why I bought my PS3 when I did. I got the one with the emotion chip still in place for I like BC specially when it's PS2 we are talking about which has and still is getting great games. Why would I want a PS2 sitting next to my PS3 because my PS3 won't play the PS2 games? I guess that just leaves Wii as the only one that fully embraces BC now. Which is kind of funny seeing that they never did before hand and now they are the only ones...

lawman11084033d ago

The 360 almost every game is BC ALL of the major ones are

PS360WII4033d ago

good point but when the 360 is 100% BC then you can tell me I'm wrong. Either way I was just pointing out how I'm glad I bought a PS3 when I did and that for Nintendo to never do BC, and now for the first gen it actually does do it the others are saying 'eh it's not that big of a deal' just kind of funny when you think about it.

boi4033d ago

I say for the people who getting the 40gb Ps3... F* ps2 emu and play b3yond many games coming out for the Ps3 that you will not bothered with the ps2 emu...just keep your ps2 if you have ps2 games still :)

lawman11084033d ago

You would not need BC....However you need the PS2 games to have SOMETHING to play on the PS3 :)

agent8644033d ago

is the HDD required for BC on the xbox or can it work with a memory card?

ZombiesNJ4033d ago

...had nothing to do with backward compatability whatsoever.

agent8644033d ago

from the FAQ :

Q: Can I use a Memory Unit with backwards compatibility?

A: No, except for storing your Xbox LIVE profile. Original Xbox games are not able to access the Xbox 360 Memory Unit. Also, the original Xbox Memory Unit is not compatible with Xbox 360.

Mu5afir4033d ago

If I remember correctly other then the HDD everything else is READ ONLY on the 360. It's one of those M$ doesn't trust your ass enough to let you get proper access to your own system deal.

ZombiesNJ4028d ago

..was that the HD itself does not acutally do the proccessing for the BC...

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