Microsoft has monopoly on competitive gaming

In a bid to become the top console gaming company, Microsoft has embraced the major competitive video game leagues at the exclusion of Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft exclusively sponsors the World Cyber Games, Major League Gaming, and the Championship Gaming Series with its Xbox 360 console and Windows-based PCs.

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FordGTGuy4034d ago

either Sony nor Nintendo from sponsoring them either.

Real Gambler4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

And if you read the article, I do think they really went all the way to secure those events. I don't like Microsoft that much, but that's an awesome move, particularly if they made sure it's for many years to come. Those guys don't mind spending a lot, and they do mean business. Somebody in marketing saw the opportunity, and grabbed it. In a few years from now, those events will be commonly broadcasted on tv, so awesome advertisement. These events where mainly PC before, but sure enough consoles will become part of it. Securing it early is definitively a smart but very sad move for all the other consoles.

MaximusPaynicus4034d ago

I'm with Gambler on this one -- Microsoft just saw a potential marketing opportunity, and capitalized on it. Of course, considering just about every professional gaming league uses Halo in some capacity, it made the job of them getting this "monopoly" almost too easy.

Sayai jin4034d ago

@Real Gambler -Bubbles for you. This is a very smart move. As the video game industry sky rockets as one of the biggest industries. This event will become televised and MS captured it before someone else did. I mean even if you do not like MS, they have the money to spend for great things and will. Hey thts what any company should do.

marioporter4034d ago

Monopolizing competitive gaming?...BRILLIANT!!

0LDSCH00L4034d ago

Very solid marketing move!!!

sanderFVCKINcohen4034d ago

I hope they get that that XNA youtube thingy going on. Now that will make me vewy, vewy, happy!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.