Crytek CEO says console shooters are way behind PCs

Second, Yerli talked about his enthusiasm, or lack thereof, for Halo 3. He played both Halo and Halo 2, but didn't really get it. He even travels past some boundaries and denounced that console shooters are lingering far behind PC shooters, which is a bold claim.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4033d ago

I been saying this for Ages in a more straight manner.

FPS on X360 PS3 or any console SUCK.

Apocwhen4033d ago

I wouldn't go as far as saying they suck, but they don't play the same as on the PC. I think UT3 on the PS3 might be different though.
1. It's to support keyboard and mouse which is a big plus
2. the PS3 is to support mods in the game too although they will be c
created from the PC.
These would be two of the main things that make a PC FPS better than a console IMO.

BrianC62344033d ago

I'm not saying FPS on consoles are as good as or better than PC games. But the PS3 can handle a keyboard and mouse. It is certainly capable of running any FPS that PCs can run. So the real problem isn't consoles can't handle them. The real problem is developers aren't making the games. Maybe UT3 will end that.

tplarkin74033d ago

Bungie displays the number of players on Xbox Live when playing Halo 3.

Last night there was over 600,000 people playing Halo 3.

Bonsai12144033d ago

and at any given time there are more than a million people playing cs... and thats a 9 year old game.

console fps cannot touch pc fps. the reason why: lack of keyboard and mouse.

JsonHenry4033d ago

This is the overstatement of the century.

BrianC62344033d ago

Bonsai - The PS3 has USB ports and can use Bluetooth so it can support the keyboard and mouse in games. So really that reason isn't good enough anymore. Now developers just need to give gamers that option in their games. Even if most people don't use it at least offer it.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Oh sure Console FPS played more. Tell me when Halo 3 can pass Counter Strike players right now. Or UT players. Or othjer games like Battlefield during its release. 600k online is VERY FEW compared to PC FPS.

Also Kudos to PS3 for allowing Mouse and Keyboard to play more like PC. Hopefully they implement it in more games.

Bonsai12144033d ago

i know it can use keyboard and mouse, but it hasn't been widely supported until just this generaiton

Bolts4033d ago

Only 600k? Thats pathetic. CS in its prime can hit over 1 mil players online without blinking an eye. Don't even bother to compare console multiplayer with the PC. Its no a no contest beat down.

tplarkin74033d ago

Ok, so 1 million are playing CS. What else are they playing? Why would they play such an old game? I guess they're waiting for Crysis?

Also, the KB/Mouse vs Twin sticks & triggers really boils down to your own experience. If you first played games with a KB, it will be difficult to limit yourself to 10 buttons. But the truth is that the twin sticks & triggers are far closer to reality since they imitate guns.

Aiming with a mouse is like pointing your finger and telepathically killing someone.

TheSadTruth4033d ago

Guys how about some proof of "1 million" CS gamers online? Oh wait you have none right?

CS is a joke in my opinion anyways, it's outdated, glitchy, and promotes camping, and is so slow-paced that anyone can be good at it. A CS player trying to play UT2k4 would get embarrassed. You can't make the argument that PC games are "way ahead of consoles games" if everyone is still playing Counter-strike.

dantesparda4033d ago

Why would anybody still be playing Halo 2 online then? such an "old game", shut it fanboys!

drewdrakes4033d ago

I was just on halo 3 and there were 1,148,000 players

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Funky Town_TX4033d ago

I like console shooters better. I have played shooters on PC, but it's something that I don't like. PC's will always be better in the hardware front.

Premonition4033d ago

I would have to agree, I mean 2 examples, if you havent been under a rock, Crysis and the upcoming Far Cry 2, look at what they did in those games I mean things like walking in the bushes and the leaves and things like that moving when you touch them, shooting down individual tree limbs, weather effects, things like that. I wouldnt say console FPS is far behind but, for some reason it takes years for console devs to finally start doing what PC games are doing and I hope it changes this time around.