Guess Who Has A New SKU: UPC filing reveals possible new Wii SKU

Engadget has seen products make their first appearance in the form of a UPC filing before, and it looks like Nintendo may now be following the trend, with a recent filing of its revealing what looks to be an awful lot like a new Wii SKU. According to Codename Revolution's "distributor contact," the mystery product is described only as the "New Pack," and it apparently boasts a $289.99 Canadian retail price (which is the same as the current Wii SKU). While the UPC database unfortunately doesn't have any other details, speculation on the internet points to either a new bundle (possibly including the Wii Zapper or another game) or a new color, a rumor we've seen come and go in the past. Whatever it is, it seems safe to bet that it'll hit store shelves just in time for the holiday season.

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ReBurn4487d ago

It's probably just a new bundle for the holidays.

Lumbo4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

LOL that picture made me spray CokeZero all over my screen, darn.
I will have to get my Wii modded alike, brilliant.

Rooftrellen4487d ago

New colors wouldn't suprise me, and a new bundle wouldn't, either.

I'm guessing, though, most likely its just one of the many hardware revisions a console goes though in its life cycle, and anyone who doesn't know about this would never know the difference, even if they had the before and after Wiis in front of them.

PimpHandHappy4487d ago

i was thinking the same thing! That thing looks dam cool. They sell that thing for under 225bucks i would buy one today!

but as it is i have other things to buy. Like a crazy amount of PS3 games and a 1080p TV

Chris_GTR14487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

typical nintendo ways. they always come out with new colors, then the lite version, then a year after that the lite with colors version. follorwed by the lite lite, then lite lite colors

perfect example of this is the gameboy advanced.

Jeebus4487d ago

they manage to sell millions of each revision.

I think they smuggle crack through their systems.

Or use weed-based paint...something crazy like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.