GAME Applauds PS3 price cut

Retailer moves quickly to applaud Sony's decision

In what is sure to be the first in a long line of retailers praising Sony for cutting the price of PS3, GAME has welcomed the platform holder's decision.

GAME Commercial Director Tricia Brennan said:

"We feel that this is a very positive move from Sony. The price reduction will make it easier for even more customers to enjoy the incredible gaming experience you get with a PS3."

"Video games appeal to a wide variety of consumers now, so everyone at GAME will be working tirelessly to keep the shelves full and make sure that customers have all of the advice and products they need in the run-up to Christmas."

"There are more games consoles available than ever before, and today's price cut means they all represent amazing value for money when you consider the incredible technology and sheer volume of entertainment that they offer. "

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SimmoUK4121d ago

For me the main thing has always been the pricve and how your avewrage consumer would want to pay that much, i'm so glad about the price drop, I meen online is free as well so people can pick upa PS3 log straight on and download a crapload of first party demo's...

£299 is more like it!

Meus Renaissance4121d ago

I contacted all my local GAME stores and they claim they know nothing about this. It doesn't show in their upcoming inventory and couldn't even get a pre-order down for me (though I already have one).

abg4284121d ago

oh NOW people want to start praising the PS3, saying that its an incredible gaming experience, when a souple of days ago people were still saying how it sucks. People are to two-faced nowadays!!

PS3 here I come!!!!

Vertius4121d ago

Heh, a Game manager told me two weeks ago that there'll be an important PS3 announcement coming. There'd better still have some 60GBs there next weekend, since Verty's getting his own personal PS3!

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