New Assassin's Creed Dev Diary - Freedom

Check out the latest Dev Diary which gives more detail of the freedoms you can experience within the game. The player will experience freedoms not only with how you interact with the environments but also with its inhabitants around you and with Altair himself.

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cpuchess4030d ago

Allowing the user to define how they want to play it and when they want to perform a task is exactly how a game should be. Following campaigns where you do a task, theres a checkpoint, go to the next task blah blah blah, frigging boring. Assassins Creed allows you do what you want, in any order and when you want to. Sounds great, I cannot wait to play it, my Halo 3 disk will make a perfect drink coaster.

jaja14344029d ago

Not to flame you or anything, but they why did you buy Halo 3 if you knew it was going to be the way it is? Sounds fishy.


I'm surprised there aren't more responses to this vid.

Whatever, I guess this game has fallen off of a lot of peoples radars, but this is a day one purchase for me.

My wife is even looking forward to this game !


Azailex Sorrow4030d ago

Has the need to be on a ps3!

thats alot of power, im starting to wonder if the 360 can handle this game.. either way, it looks damn good!

jaja14344029d ago

Now why did you have to go and be a jerk and turn this into a console flame? Couldn't you have just as easily said, "wow looks great can't wait"...

l3w154029d ago

game looks good,i did get put off by the vid at e3...they need for finishing moved instead of one at e3 and they need like little villages and town outside of the 3 bi city's

i hope the hole area is massvive like oblivion or GUN on ps2

anywayz i think i may get this on day 1...tke it eazy people