PS3 Annoyance: Installing Games/Demos

Why is it that after every game or demo download from the PlayStation Store, gamers have to sit and install the file? Loot Ninja knows it gets taken care of if you don't download in the background, but who does that anymore? Queuing up downloads is a must, especially when there are lots of things gamers want.

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taz80804034d ago

I was actually very surprised to see that before starting Heavenly Sword it had to install some htings as well. I found that kind of odd? I have gotten update prompts from 360 games but never stuff to install?

drunkpandas4034d ago

Most PS3 games install parts of the game to the hard drive to give better loading times. That part I don't mind, as it does dramatically reduce load times in all games that do this (Ninja Gaiden Sigma had zero load times, as compared to the Xbox versions that took a while to load)

Violater4034d ago

now that there is a price drop.
They need to find new sh!t to complain about.

Ignorant Fanboy4034d ago

You say it has to install some parts on the hard drive, but isnt the whole darn thing on the hard drive??

When I download a game demo, on live or psn, the whole demo is on my hard drive, not just part of it.

drunkpandas4034d ago

That comment was referring to Game Data from full retail games in disc, in response to the comment above it. It wasn't referring to downloaded titles

Jinxstar4034d ago

@ drunk Pandas

Ummm. Dude I am a huge PS3 fan but NG Sigma had load times. An initial load time that was kinda long while the story scrolled... I think they want you to read it... And sometimes it loads in game for a second or 2 even mid combat. I'm not knocking it I love the game and don't mind at all. I actually really love the game. One of the most amazing combat systems ever created. Its a lot of fun all around but to say it has 0 load times is kinda silly man...

okcomputer4034d ago

ngs had plenty of loading time.. it loads up when you first boot it and has small 2-3 second loads intermittently during gameplay. what version were you playing?

Ignorant Fanboy4034d ago

didnt put two and two together,

I wonder if load times are shorter on demos, since the whole thing is on the HD.

Real Gambler4032d ago

The comment was about games you download on PSN...

And funnily enough, the guy is answering himself in his comments: "You’re handcuffed while this going on, as you can’t do anything else on the console"

Yes, after you download a game in the background, you have to manually install it. As discussed here, many bluray games also use the harddisk, and more, and more will do. I don't think anybody would be happy to play a game, and suddendly, start to lag because it's also installing a game in the background.

Still, the guy is right. It should install itself once it's done downloading in one of those two conditions: PS3 is idle, or it's folding. Otherwise, you have to install manually. This way you could start a bunch of download before lunch, or while sleeping, and get back to your PS3 later with downloadable games ready to be played...

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taz80804034d ago

The subject is an article, an opinion a thought even. Not everyhtign you read has to be a staright up breaking news article. Not everything in the news paper or CNN is always hard hitting news, at times there are opinion pieces to spark conversation. All these reports classified as lame, or not news is just retarded! We should be able to share opinion pieces or even articles that may make other readers laugh, why does gaming have to be so serious and gamers come off as auch a$$holes. just my two cents, I will get off my soapbox now. peace

Dark_Overlord4034d ago

times for loading, installing etc why don't they go back and play with their SNES's or Mega Drives as they had virtually no load times

ReBurn4034d ago

I don't mind the time it takes to install as much as the amount of disk space it takes. If you have a lot of games a 60 gb hard drive almost isn't enough unless you keep deleting the game data. Then you have to re-install it the next time you want to play.

Ludwig4034d ago

Get ready for the 40GB PS3 then..deleting deleting deleting.

paul_war4034d ago

Or just do what i've done & upgrade, 250gb PS3, enough space for a while ...

INehalemEXI4034d ago

well if you gamed at all on pc's you should find the ps3 installs short. It is somewhat annoying waiting after you downloaded to then install. Its not a big deal for me though.

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