New Deus ex:Human rev gameplay walkthrough trailer

Almost 8 min New Deus ex:Human revolution gameplay

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The-Tentacle4338d ago

Awesome! This looks great and I noticed they are using the PS3 version to show it off ;)

kookie4338d ago

Thanks for commenting, yes its the ps3 version

jizzyjones4338d ago

Cant say I like the constant switching between 1st/3rd person views, graphics aren't as good as I imagined either.

kookie4338d ago

Rainbow six vegas style

hassi944337d ago

I like it as I used to be a frequent player of rainbow six vegas. Plus this is an RPG with slower gameplay than a regular FPS so I don't think it'll hinder people that much.

jim00zzxx4337d ago

man.. what a massive disappointment, i was expecting a whole lot more!
have these developer not learnt any new tricks?!
it looks like a 7 year old game.

Jack-Pyro4337d ago

Your Avitar is simply perfect! It perfectly captures who you are!

banjadude4337d ago

I am having a hard time deciding if I should get this for PC or PS3... Hopefully a demo arrives in the near future, so I can "test the waters" for both versions.

Jack-Pyro4337d ago

If you have a rig strong enough to play this on high settings then PC is the only way to go.

My rig sucks currently but I'll likely upgrade JUST for this game, it's Deus Ex after all.

magus4337d ago

Looks like a winner!!!