Get FREE Killzone 3, GT5 and Infamous 2 DLC Right Now

This is all FREE and simple, just follow these simple instructions: Sony and Razor company Schick have teamed up to give free DLC when you purchase any of their products, but you can avoid the purchase by entering a universal UPC for the FREE DLC. This is how:

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Chupa-Chupa3598d ago

Just got 2 codes! Thank you!

RankFTW3598d ago

Infamous 2 DLC B9K4-P7N6-JR5L

captain-obvious3598d ago

it gave me 2 codes but when i redeem them they dont do shit


ACX1743598d ago


It may be because of your region? It works for US.

If it's Infamous 2 DLC it won't work until the game comes out I think (date when it can be used is somewhere...).

captain-obvious3598d ago

@ above
well i did try them with my US account
but same thing

OneSneakyMofo3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Hey guys, here's a little trick so you don't have to use different emails:

if your email is [email protected], you can add a period anywhere in between the letters email to make the system think it's another email. For example, [email protected] will still send to [email protected], but the website will think it's e.mail[email protected]

I don't have to level up in Killzone 3 anymore :D

Edit: This method only works with Gmail accounts.

lociefer3597d ago

i think we all should thank youngmoney for this submission , thnx alot man

3597d ago
pixelsword3597d ago

Yeah, but isn't this hacking?

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nsnsmj3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

The crazy thing about all of this is that they decided to the same UPC on every single package. I'm not complaining though, as I just got the GT5 & Killzone DLC.

Oh yeah, in case some of you don't know, the Killzone DLC includes a dynamic theme--not just the map pack.

GLoRyKnoT3598d ago

Which one yo? there are 3 diff. dynamic themes.

RatherHavaBigGirl3597d ago

is the dynamic theme one from the retro map pack or unlock points? i got the retro map pack day one so im tryin to avoid it

drdre743595d ago

I got two killzone map pack codes and neither one works. The code for the points worked fine but the ps3 won't take any of the map pack codes. Can someone help a brotha out on getting these to work? I'm in the US

Parapraxis3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Protip #1 you CANNOT redeem the infamous 2 code yet, just keep it for later.

The rest work.

Protip #2 use a different e-mail every time.

This will work for everybody with a Canadian/US account.

xX TriiCKy Xx3598d ago

Oh really? I used the same email for the KZ3 DLC.

NiKK_4193597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

you can use both codes once for each email

btw, the gt5 wouldn't work for me when i tried to redeem it, gonna use another email and try again

Edit: still doesn't work, did anyone get the gt5 one to work? the kz3 ones work, but not gt5

that sucks, i wanted that camaro, but it's ok i already have 2 of them lol, but dammit i wanted that third one

taco_tom2373598d ago

can someone please get me the maps its not working for me =*(

pm me on here or send it to me on psn please ^_^

xAlmostPro3597d ago

It really works, however killzone 3 unlock points is all i want, redeeming on the US account i dont think will give me any on my UK account that i play on :(

I'll be keeping the infamous 2 DLC though xD

MagicAccent3597d ago

Thanks a bunch.

And if anyone asks... I live in Fabes, Texas on
According to

Eh, who says I don't? Eh? ಠ_ಠ

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Nitrowolf23598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )


GLoRyKnoT3598d ago

VERY SWEET! Thanks for posting this! Got a 427HP Camaro SS "Edge Special" :)

TeaDouble_E3598d ago

It freaking worked, free Killzone 3 DLC !!!!

f7897903598d ago

Kind of sad I'm so happy for maps I really shouldn't have to pay for. Old maps should be free always, especially if you owned the previous title.

xAlmostPro3597d ago

You can also get the retro map pack free from Playstation home if you enter the KZ3 space and play the minigame

MGRogue20173598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Grabbed the Gran Turismo 5 Exclusive Camaro SS Edge Edition & Infamous 2 Sniper Blast Ability DLC

Already got those Killzone unlock points (haven't used 'em yet lol) & Retro Map Pack with my Killzone 3 collector's edition. :P

It works perfectly, Thanks alot! I love free stuff :)

MGRogue20173598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Just wanted to add.. if you are in the UK, Redeem the codes while signed into a US PSN account (Make one if you don't have an US account)

The codes don't work on a UK PSN account.

PlayStation X3598d ago

you still need an american version of the disc for the dlc to work

JoshuaN4G3598d ago

I got all of them :)
Free stuff rocks!!!