CoD 4 - UK limited edition details - 360 reigns supreme

Details on the limited editions of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare available in Old Blighty have arrived.

Both Xbox 360 and PC versions of Infinity Ward's new FPS are receiving the limited edition love, although looking down the list the 360 appears to be favourite child...

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toughNAME4032d ago

A multiplatform game better on the Xbox 360?

get outta here!

but seriously tho..i dont get the hype for this game
ill rent it for sure...but it needs some seriously good reviews..and a decent multiplayer (FOR ONCE) for me to pick it up

Scythesean4032d ago

read a little harder they aren't saying the game is better just what you get in the SE boxes. Between the PC:SE and 360:SE the 360 has a few more goodies to watch or hang on your wall. They never said the game play was better on the 360 over anything.

Crazyglues4032d ago

I played the beta, and I can tell you this game is amazing, the multi-player is amazingly addictive. You really get into the game and you play for hours on end. It's so much fun.

Add this one to your Must Buy list. You will not be disappointed. I played the beta day and night, and could not get enough of it, it's really done nice, the graphics are amazing and the game play just feels right.

It flows really nice and the perks turn you into a junkie, making you just want to get as many as you can. The more you rank up the better it gets. Trust me Just get this one.

People in the beta said the multi-player is more fun then halo 3, I can't wait for the game to come out. I wish they made the beta public because then everyone would see how amazing the game is. I didn't talk to one person on Xbox live that said they didn't like the game. Not one.

Everyone thought it was amazing, rent it if you want but trust me, you will be buying this one, so just save your rent money and just put it towards purchasing the game.

It's all of that and a bag of chips.

Blood_Spiller4032d ago

Really? You liked the MP Beta? I thought it was crap and took the game off my must buy list.

Real Gambler4032d ago

They didn't said anything about the game being better!!! They said there was an extra DVD and a poster in the SE edition... They didn't even compared it with the PS3 or any other consoles!

Now, if they ever include the movie on the BluRay for a SE package for the PS3, you may end-up looking like a fool... No need for an extra disk, since it's not a HD movie...

toughNAME4032d ago

Im not talking about graphics or physics or audio...

the 360 version has something the PS3 doesnt

it is better

i was merely commenting on the frequency of multiplatform games looking better on the 360

MarioFromTexas4032d ago

Where have you read that the 360 version was better than the PS3 version? Stop being blinded by green. We all know the game will either be the same or better on PS3. Halo3 lags with 4 players and warhawk doesn't even with 30 players, you tell me which is better? Please don't reply if you haven't played both like I have.

Snukadaman4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

The beta pretty much convinced me that i will be buying it ....It felt like the first time i played counterstrike on my pc...minus the mouse and keyboard....blood_spiller you really didnt like your no troll...too each his own i guess..

Mariofromtexas...there was a beta on the xbox360....there wasnt one on the come up with what version will be better from that i think its a valid claim since the psn and xbl are different right?

Real Gambler4029d ago

(1.5) You started by saying: Im not talking about graphics...

And you finished it by saying: I was commenting on games looking better on the 360

How did you manage to forget your introduction and conclude about graphics in less than 40 words is simply amazing... Wow!

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sonarus4032d ago

i played the beta and IMO it was jst plain. Reviews or not am not even gonna bother myself with this one. It may look good but thats not enough for me to take the plunge.

lawman11084031d ago

I do own each system and the reason HALO3 lags is b/c so many people are trying to play it unlike Warhawk (I like but far from great) And the six axes controler suc.ks balls btw I shut it off on everything.

TheXgamerLive4032d ago

This isn't a rental, this is a must have. IW will support the hell out of this game.

Rooted_Dust4032d ago

Unfortunately when you buy PC games you don't have the option. It's buy or don't buy....or play the demo.

Blood_Spiller4032d ago

You can 'try before you buy' with PC but it's not very legal.

GaMr-4032d ago

Yeah thats right Troll Food and thats all I been seeing coming though here lately. This game is going to kick ass on both consoles. and Note to Fanboys: Don't sleep on the PS3 version. You might be shocked at how they compare..... thats all im saying.

xg-ei8ht4032d ago

^^ Not quite sure what your saying, both console versions look sweet.

I've seen the ps3 version and i can say. It looks awsome with no slowdown whatsoever. But on of the versions does!

Can you guess which.

Yep it was the wii.


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