The Best Pokemon Games You Can Catch

Bestcovery takes a look at 5 of the best Pokemon games now out and available this console generation (Wii/DS).

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Lamarthedancer3479d ago

My list

Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Crystal
Pokemon Stadium
Pokemon Snap
and Pokemon Emerald


DarkSpawnClone3479d ago

Blue was always my favorite :D lol i want a pokemon rpg game on the wii since i don't own handhelds anymore my last handheld was gameboy advanced and the last pokemon game i played was silver,those where the days tho.

Lamarthedancer3479d ago

I'm sure I was reading a interview from ONM site with one of the guys behind Pokemon and he said there would never be a Pokemon RPG game like the Pokemon on handhelds because they're supposed to be played on handhelds or something along those lines :/

But you never know...

DarkSpawnClone3478d ago

that is really hard could it be,we got games like harvest moon and rune factory ect. how hard could Pokemon possibly be! it could use all of the feature that the ds version has and maybe more ;/

Neo Nugget3479d ago

Stadium 2 is missing from this list :/

SeraphimBlade3479d ago

Do NOT listen to this liar about Battle Revolution. It's freaking broken, especially compared to the Stadium games. I like that they tried to make battle animations more detailed, but now battles take FOOOORRRRREEEEEEVVVVEEEERRRR. The Rental system is terrible too. Stadium let you borrow any pokemon (save a few legendaries, which had to be unlocked) and make your own team. Battle Revolution forces you to use a handful of preselected teams.

MoreRPG3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

ja no love for ruby and saphire
i agree with most of the list but come on no red and blue

off topic i want a pokemon game were the starters are half dragon

Chauvez3479d ago

you should be happy with Pokemon Black and White then.

MoreRPG3478d ago

yep just a bit tired of the fire/water/grass starters

Krimmson3479d ago

Battle Revolution? Is she fucking serious!?