Mid-Range ATi RV670 beats Nvidia G92

In a report by the inquirer, it was revealed that ATI's upcoming mid-range graphics card code-named RV670 openly beat the G92 in 3Dmark06. And it also claims the sub $250 GPU scored close to 8800Ultra in 3dmark06.

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Blood_Spiller4497d ago

The RV670 is a beast, it has the same number of stream processors as the R600 (320) for like 1/2 the price, too bad I already got a 2900XT.

elenamylove4497d ago

Can't wait to update my old 1950XTX card =)

Dark_Overlord4497d ago

At least until a few of the 3rd party reviewers try it in game (3D Mark isn't everything), then if it gives this type of performance BUY BUY BUY, however ATI have had a habit of saying "we have got this new card available" then not making them available at all to the consumer

mighty_douche4497d ago

im currently building 2 pc's for friends and was going to go for the 8800gts as they are on a bit of a budget but this card sounds very tempting.

ShiftyLookingCow4497d ago

as you probably know, nvidia loves to release(sometimes paper launch) their cards on November, not sure about AMD.

Charlie26884497d ago

This only reminds me of the initial claims by ATI that the Radeon HD 2900XT was a direct competitor to the GeForce 8800GTX and was technically superior and we ALL know what happened when we actually started testing them with games

I just hope this is not another of ATIs paper launch that end up being killed by real life testing...or drivers

Blood_Spiller4497d ago

2900XT performs at par or better than the 8800GTX in most games using modern engines (Read: Unreal Engine 3) and it also runs the Crysis beta better than the 8800GTX.

Charlie26884497d ago

After a small research after reading your post I found some interesting results

UE3 powered games: used example Bioshock runs smoother on the 2900XT on XP (performance goes to hell on Vista) than the 8800GTX

other engine powered games: used example World in Conflict the 8800GTX BUTCHERS (to the point its not funny, even the GTS beats it) the 2900XT

I am looking for more video card performance comparisons using the UE3, cuz I have seen performance spikes before with the 2900XT, for example Quake 4 runs a LOT better on the 2900XT than the 8800GTX but in almost ALL of the other game in the same test it ran close or worse than the 8800GTS

still the #1 complain of ALL the 2900XT owner I know is poor driver optimisation like the one of about 1 or 2 months that actually made the card run slower

Blood_Spiller4497d ago

Check out the results for Rainbow 6: Las Vegas and Medal of Honor: Airborne, both use the UE3 and the 2900XT performs better in them. For the record World in Conflict doesn't use the UE3.

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