Don't want an iPod? Lots of choices available.

"Everyone has an iPod. For some reason, I would rather find and purchase the 'hidden gem' MP3 player that is less popular," said Miller, a Wilmington, Delaware-based musician. "I don't like the idea that nearly everyone has an iPod. I feel this way about other things, too. I appreciate obscurity."

The good news is that for those wanting to steer clear of the legion of white headphones, there are several solid alternatives, from names such as SanDisk, Sony, Creative Technology and Microsoft.

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Crazyglues4032d ago

Owned by Microsoft... Priceless

It is true however everyone does own an iPod and for good reason. There pretty cool. I for one bought a Zune just to check it out, wanted to try something different. I really like the screen on the 30 gig.

But now apple has new iPod nano's and there cool as hell... LoL

So I think I might just get one, saw them at the apple store and I love that you can just fit it in your pocket, it's so small and the screen is really cool.

But I say get whatever one you like, the new 80gig Zune looks cool, but I'm afraid apple has somehow got me this year. The new nano was just too cool I think I'm going to have to get that one this time. Sorry MS.

ShadoWulf4032d ago

...simply because it is 'cool'. I don't like things that are popular; I want to have that device no one else has. I got a Zune a while ago and I love it. I'm sure if I had an iPod I would feel like I'm betraying myself. I don't want to be part of the iPod 'crowd' of people who are cool and people who wish they were cool. If you get an iPod for the functionality, I've no problem with that, though. However, I'm not sure why anyone would get the iPod for the functionality...

And yes, this article being from MSNBC fits quite well.