GamesIndustry: Wii Raising the Bar for 360 and PS3

Nintendo's meteoric rise on the stock market brings with it new challenges.

The phenomenal success of Nintendo over the last three years is hardly a new topic, either for this column or for the industry in general. You know the drill by now; by innovating with proven technology and delivering low-cost products with new user interfaces, the firm has propelled itself back to the top of the market, and is handing Sony and Microsoft their backsides on a week to week basis in every major territory on the planet.

Despite occasional lapses where people who should know better argue that the Wii is a "fad" (if that's true, what does it make the Xbox 360 or the PS3?) or that it isn't a "proper" games console, Nintendo's success is largely accepted as a major feature of the new territory games firms must learn to navigate.

What hasn't been discussed in the same level of depth, however, is that Nintendo's sudden market dominance with the DS and Wii is strengthening more than just the firm's installed base.

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ps3tag4497d ago

it selling alot there is no doubt .. but anyone with a brain knows this is a step back in evolution .. all the 360 and ps3 would need to do is put out a set of motion controllers similar to the wiis problem solved .. hell sony can do it with the PS2 and trump the wii.

ItsDubC4497d ago

I have to disagree. With the possible exception of GH, peripherals don't do as well as standard controllers because its an unwise business decision for developers and publishers to create games for which the maximum potential installbase for those games is governed by the number of consumers who own the peripheral for that console.

Every Wii-owner is guaranteed to have a motion-sensitive controller because it's not a peripheral. Devs can then be sure that their games that use motion-sensitive technology can be bought and played by ANY Wii-owner instead of having to rely on sales and uptake of a motion-sensitive peripheral to govern exposure.

There must be a reason why Sony and MS have not already released a similar controller for their respective consoles.

commadore654497d ago

I think though now it is a proven concept it won't be considered nearly as risky. Nintendo has done the hard work of getting people used to the concept, so it's likely peripherals could prove a success.

ItsDubC4497d ago

You bring up a good point. Risk is definitely lessened to a degree but I still don't think a PS3/360/PS2 peripheral stands a chance against a controller which many consider to be the crux of the Wii.

Casual gamers and many avid gamers feel without a doubt that the Wii remote works well, but a significant portion of avid gamers are still skeptical of its merits. These skeptical avid gamers are likely to own a PS3 and/or 360, and therefore may not find value in a similar peripheral for those consoles.

I of course could be entirely wrong, considering that motion-sensitive controllers offer many more possibilities than past peripherals such as racing wheels and flight sticks. I would actually be very interested to see how such a controller would fare on another console.

PS360WII4497d ago

intresting points. Yes the Wii and DS are making hugh amounts of money and Nintnedo is now the 3rd highest stock market value in Japan and with that stock market value comes a new headache they need to consider. Every step will be measured.

ps3tag you are wrong though it's not a step backwards they are using proven tech and using a new interface and jazzing it up. It would of been a step backwards if the Wii used cart based games and if it only had 64 bit technology. Sure all the systems can tack on a motion sensing dohicky but it would prove Nintendo was right all along. Plus it wouldn't work as well for PS2, PS3 or 360 for the user interface isn't there.

cooke154497d ago

I believe Nintendo chose not to focus on power to keep dev costs down for developers so they would take a risk and develop on Wii. Now that Wii can be considered a success I am sure Nintendo's next console will go all out on power along with innovating control schemes.

If Wii was on par with 360 and PS3 in power I can see devs choosing not to support it because its too risky, high dev cost games and an uproven tech with its controllers, plus NIntendo's bad rep with 3rd parties.

okcomputer4497d ago

They're raising the bar for marketing, innovation and casual gaming, thats for sure. As for non-casual games, they're pretty much just doing the same zelda/metriod thing they've been good at for years.

cooke154497d ago

I can actually find a lot more hardcore games that im interested in on Wii than i could on Gamecube. Its just because for some reason everyone focuses on the crappy games that no one cares about. Im not sure why that happens. PC has TONNES of bad games but no one talks about them but on Wii its "Wii sucks cause it has lots of crappy games" well thats because it has low dev costs so its going to get those shovelware games just like PC. it doesnt mean the system sucks it means there are lazy developers. But there are also a lot of GOOD games coming to Wii and the rate of good games is increasing especially the end of this year and beyond.

Ju4497d ago

One of the crap games is on top of the charts since forever. That's Wii Sports. Don't get me wrong, it is a lot of fun. But against what would you compare that in regards to a top quality sports title ? And what would, e.g. qualify Wii Sports as a AAA title ? The amount of content it provides ? The "story" ? The visual appeal ?
See, you still can sell more Hyundai's then BMW's, and they might even get/have bigger pockets. But money is not a quality measure. I just hope BMW will not be owned by Hyundai any time soon and nobody will force me to drive one.

cooke154497d ago

Its a 5 in one sports pack :| does it need to have a story and massive depth? It gives Wii owners a sense of what wii can do.

Darkiewonder4497d ago


The only real thing they are doing is they KNOW how to sell a system. Other than that, the bar can be invisible and away from other companies from seeing it :3

cooke154497d ago

I cannot wait for SMG SSBB No More Heroes and Manhunt 2.. drooool

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