Kotaku: British Industry Types Call For PS2 Price-Cut

Amidst all this hot and heavy talk of PS3 prices, we've all forgotten the trusty old PS2 is just about due for one final, Christmas-2007-themed price cut. Everyone except Britain, that is, with several prominent industry and retail figures calling for a cut. One is Ubisoft UK managing director Rob Cooper:

"It's already at an attractive price, but a reduction on hardware and software would undoubtedly prove an extremely tempting purchase to the more casual gamer and family member."

And SCEE's response? :

:There are no immediate plans to cut the price. We still think PS2 offers tremendous value for money."

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Lord Anubis4035d ago

I guess there could still be a market for new comers.

XxZxX4035d ago

$99 will sent everybody home with one.