Next Fable should 'amaze' gamers - Molyneux

Lionhead boss (and BAFTA Fellow) Peter Molyneux has admitted that Fable 3 couldn't compete with the industry's best on a technological level - but promised that the franchise's next instalment will "amaze" its audience.

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Yi-Long4459d ago

.... instead of the usual gimmicks he throws in.

Convas4458d ago

Amen. Fable 3 was way too easy in some parts.

Vojkan4458d ago

Didn't he say exact same thing after Fable 2? Deja vu in my case.

Biggest4458d ago

Peter says: I lie to journalists to keep them awake. That being said. . . Fable 4 will amaze gamers. I really mean it this time.

NewMonday4458d ago

Man, the nerve of this guy, the same line over and over, I gave up on him after Fable 2, I wonder how many gamers are gona buy this talk again?

MintBerryCrunch4458d ago

havent we been waiting for this AMAZEMENT since the first Fable?

not to knock the series down, but continually saying the same thing over and over again and dropping the ball doesnt do you any good besides alienating those who were looking forward to what you have made as well as hyped up

JohnnyBadfinger4458d ago

Fuck that its all been down hill since Fable 2. Should have just ended it after the first.

I dont think he understands that mojority of people dont give a fuck about a virtual marriage virtual love and virtual children...

I dont wanna hold hands and make people laugh... i want a story that 1. Interesting, and 2. Doesnt fuck me about with bullshit emotion related choices.

Actually fuck it altogether... fable 4 is dead to me

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The Meerkat4458d ago

He's cried wolf once too many times.

If he claimed his new game would give me a BJ I still wouldn't buy it.

tda-danny4458d ago

Agreed, how the heck can he say this after every Fable game he releases?

Some consumers are absolutely clueless...

NeutralGamer4458d ago

"If he claimed his new game would give me a BJ I still wouldn't buy it."

Milo anyone?

Then I will continue laughing solo over in the gutter...

WharenPeace4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

I'm not interested Peter. I learnt my lesson well with Fable 1 and 2, The Movies and Black and White. Not buying Fable 3 seems to have been a wise decision, therefore... the next Fable game won't even be on my radar.

Solid_Snake-4456d ago

i must admit im a massive fable fan but im agreeing with some of you. i loved fable 1 and 2 but i really had my hopes up for 3 and was let down majorly.

if fable 4 is gonna be another 1 of peters promises then ill just have to judge myself and ignore all build up hype.

and can we have same day release for pc gamers this time.

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Convas4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

Frankly, I don't see how that works. If Fable 4 comes out for 360, it'll be it's 3rd iteration this gen.

Now when you think about it like that, you really have no space to criticize as Uncharted, Resistance, Gears of War, Assassin's Creed, and several others are on their third iterations.

So if you say Lionhead is milking, then all these other devs, by guilt by association, are milking as well. Which of course, is simply not true.

newhumanbreed4458d ago

He isn't milking it. Every new Fable game has a new feature and plays different than the previous one. They also come out about every 2 years. Milking a game would be something like Call of Duty where each game plays the same and has nothing new to offer and are released every year with the same rehashed content.

Solid_Snake-4456d ago

agreed. look at fifa,tiger woods,pro-evo they all get next year release with minimal changes. i suppose lionhead do bring quality for price.

hellzsupernova4459d ago (Edited 4459d ago )

sigh. you did apologize and now you try to over promise again

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guigsy4459d ago

Fable 4 should be made for the next Xbox, I think they've taken it as far as they can with current hardware. I would like to see what else they can do with the 360.

Led-Zeppelin4458d ago

Dude Gears of war 3 is more complicated and has better graphics, and most likely requires more hardware horsepower then fable 3.

guigsy4458d ago

I mean conceptually. Fable 3 was as good as it could have possibly been (minus technical issues and difficulty level). I think any new ideas they have should be held back for future hardware.

Besides, we have already had two Fable games on the 360, I would like to see Lionhead do something different. They had some fantastic concepts which never saw the light of day.

jay24459d ago

Cool, I can't wait to see what you're going to do Peter.