Conflict:Denied Ops - Eurogamer Preview "destructible environs very impressive"

Denied Ops features plenty of high tech weaponry, including some based on experimental prototypes which are currently being tested out by certain branches of the real life military.

Around nine million Conflict games have now been sold, so it's hardly surprising Pivotal has decided to do another one. Conflict: Denied Ops (formerly known as Crossfire) is currently in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and it's due out in 2008.

Conflict fans will notice the first big change introduced in Denied Ops. In previous games, you controlled a squad of four men from a third-person perspective. Now you only get two men, it's all first-person, and you can switch direct control of your characters at any time.

New to Denied Ops is Pivotal's 'Puncture Technology'. It's been used to create a destructible environment which can be destroyed to your particular advantage. For example, you can shoot a bullet through a wall to create a hole you can then aim your sniper rifle through. Or you can use a bigger weapon to blast walls away entirely, giving enemies a right old shock.

The destructible environments were certainly very impressive in the demo we saw, as were the visuals generally.

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