Mark Rein: No money in Wii engines

Epic has achieved stunning visual feats on the high-end consoles of today, most notably with Gears of War and Unreal Tournament III. But there seems little chance of it going to work on Wii's microchips, as Mark Rein openly admits: "I don't think there's a lot of money in making engines for the Wii."

It's a common notion that relatively few games push the Wii to its graphical limit (Super Mario Galaxy being the clear exception), but Rein has little interest in stepping in to show everyone how it's done.

One of his key reasons seemed to be a doubt of the profitability for third parties on Wii. "I don't think there's a lot of money on making engines for the Wii," he commented.

"I think the big software dollars right now are being earned on Xbox 360, and they're going to be earned on PlayStation 3. And I think, unless you're going to sell your engine to Nintendo, you're going for scraps on that platform."

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PS360WII4032d ago

Yea you'd have to make a game for the Wii not an engine. Every developer knows how to make a game for the Wii so they don't really need and engine to use. Most developers still don't know how to make a viable engine on the 360 and PS3 so yea if you make and sell engines then that's the way to go. I can see why he wouldn't seeing that most of thier money comes from developers not willing to write their own engine for the game. Makes sense that they wouldn't like the easy game making ability the Wii gives people.

ChickeyCantor4032d ago

" Every developer knows how to make a game for the Wii so they don't really need and engine to use"
i know what you mean but to make something clear > you need an engine if you want a game to run.

PS360WII4032d ago

oh for sure I was just saying that most developers making games for the Wii are willing and able to write there own engine for the game. For the PS3 and 360 it's just to much time and effort along with way to much money for every developer to make their own engine. So if Epic wants to make money off of the Wii they'd have to make a game not an engine for everyone is making there own engine for Wii games basically

ChickeyCantor4032d ago

see that makes it more clear =P

ItsDubC4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I think he's specifically referring to selling a commercial engine for the purpose of cross-platform development, which is what UE3 is. The Wii is so unique that creating an engine catering to its strengths and weaknesses would effectively reduce its ability to be used cross-platform. A Wii-specific engine would not be able to take advantage of the graphics capabilities of the PS3 and 360 (and graphics, as he says, is their primary focus) and would contain controller methods that wouldn't be applicable to any other console.

Regardless, I'm not at all surprised by his view about the Wii considering the fact that most games that use the UE3 engine would not be very popular on the Wii platform or with a large percentage of the Wii-owner demographic.

cooke154032d ago

this was posted yesterday. And mark reign just hates the Wii, yeah there is money in developing an engine for Wii. Does he not believe Wii owners dont want their games to look as good as they can? It doesnt matter though, Gearbox is already porting the UE3 engine to Wii

nirwanda4032d ago

and the wii will sell to current ds owner Mr Rein is missing a potentially huge new market how many devs would buy the metroid or mario galaxy engine if they where for sale

Salvadore4032d ago

Mark Rein is in the business to make money.

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