BDA renews "Five Free Blu-ray Discs" offer

The Blu-ray Disc Association has extended its "Five Free Blu-ray Discs" offer, refreshing the list of available Blu-ray titles.

The terms and conditions remain the same. Consumers who purchase any qualifying Blu-ray player (including the PlayStation 3) will automatically qualify to receive five free Blu-ray movies via a mail-in offer.

List of newly added movies:

-Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
- Wild Hogs
- American Psycho
- Chain Reaction
- The Devil's Rejects
- Flight of the Phoenix
- Full Metal Jacket
- Hart's War
- The Last Waltz
- The Omen
- The Patriot
- The Prestige
- Species
- Stir of Echoes
- Superman: The Movie
- S.W.A.T.
- Swordfish
- Ultraviolet

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mighty_douche4492d ago (Edited 4492d ago )

which i was completely happy about paying, but with the new price drop coming taking it down to £299 it would be nice if sony allowed current ps3 owners in on this offer. 5 free movies is always a good thing.

also heres a neat idea... if your thinking about buying a ps3 but £299 is still a bit much for you, you could always stick the 5 free movies on ebay for £10 each and then you've basically got a ps3 for £250, now if that isnt a bargin i dont know what is!!

Nameless4492d ago

At least that list is alot better then the first one. The first list of the free five movies sucked.

cuco334492d ago

Afterall they started the 5 free movie deal after Toshiba ended theirs. Being that the HD DVD forum has extended a 'round 2' on free HD DVD movies it was expected for the BDA to do the same.

With the PS3 price drop, I'll enjoy these movies as well as the other BDs I buy.. HDM is great, my current Toshiba HD-A2 and 15 HD DVDs are excellent but note not all movies should be in HD.

Format and console neutral FTMFW!

The Real Joker4492d ago

I have not gotten mine yet and it has been two months. I have given up on recieving them. I thought I would at least have gotten something that says I did something wrong.

cuco334491d ago

I've heard both HD DVD and BD wait up to 8-10 weeks so expect yours to come soon.