Quarterly Australian Hardware Sales

Nintendo's recent hardware dominance has seen its share price reach record highs, and it seems that Aussies haven't been immune to the House of Mario's resurgence. New figures from industry tracker GfK Australia show that Nintendo had the highest selling portable games device (the DS) and the highest-selling next-gen console (the Wii) down under in the last three months, easily eclipsing Sony and Microsoft.

Full sales details can be found below.

Nintendo DS
2007 Q3 sales: 139,483
Total install base: 730,076

PlayStation 2
2007 Q3 sales: 66,228
Total install base: 2,118,646

Nintendo Wii
2007 Q3 sales: 61,027
Total install base: 167,899

Xbox 360
2007 Q3 sales: 40,467
Total install base: 222,136

PlayStation Portable
2007 Q3 sales: 28,374
Total install base: 317,442

PlayStation 3
2007 Q3 sales: 27,533
Total install base: 82,261

All figures courtesy of GfK Australia.

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