Mass Effect: Character Spotlight Video - Part 2

BioWare released the second character spotlight video on October 4. The video is available at GameSpot, IGN, GameSpy, GameTrailers, and most major gaming websites.

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ShiftyLookingCow4488d ago

the second is not nearly as exciting as the first spotlight(it blew me away) partly because the characters here are nowhere as important as the ones from the first video(except the quarian perhaps but even she looks more significant as she is your ship, maybe she can be part of the team too).

batman2million4488d ago

hahaha i love how he punches the guy in the end. I hope you can do that more in the game!! hahah

ktchong4488d ago

There's a Dr. Crusher on the ship. LOL.

Jinxstar4487d ago

I... guh... This kinda just turned me off the game...

OmegaKulu4487d ago

the faces looks great, but a bit on the stiff side.

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