GeForce 8800 GT(G92) pictured

The G8P/G92 or better yet, the GeForce 8800 GT is now looking at a release date in about three weeks and a shot of the upcoming card has appeared online. As seen in the picture below, the GeForce 8800 GT has a single slot cooling solution that covers the whole of the PCB and hides the expected 6-pin PCIe power connector.

The clocks of the card are set to hover around 600 MHz for the GPU and 1800 MHz for the memory but, at least the core may be set to a higher level so as to better counter AMD upcoming RV670-powered Radeon HD 2950.

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ShiftyLookingCow4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

According to Inquirer, this card is rumored to be priced at 250 and scores about a thousand less(10800 in their tests) than 8800Ultra in 3D Mark 06(a somewhat obsolete synthetic benchmark, expect more difference in the real world, but still it should run Crysis very well). I guess this card makes the 5000 dollar PC argument I keep hearing from some people here even more absurd

mighty_douche4494d ago (Edited 4494d ago )

yeah i think ill wait to see some proper bentchmarks in a real pc rather than estimates. still, its gonna have to be quite alot better than my 8800ultra for me to think about changing again.

edit @ Fanboi, i was thinking the same thing, still you know nvidia well beleed as much out of us with this chipset before upgrading. also they might be waiting to see what ATI might come out with as rumour has it they're doing some very interesting stuff, which is good after the flop that was the 2900.

Bolts4494d ago

At $250 this would be a nice midrange card. But where the hell is Nvidia's nextgen chipset?

Antan4494d ago

Keep an eye out for the RV670 from Ati/AMD also, rumoured to be slightly faster than this card. As Nihilus points outs, you can build a really nice rig for 800/1000 UK pounds, bandying around figures of 5000 dollars which crop up from time to time are laughable at best!

mighty_douche4494d ago

ill be intersted to see what these actually sell for at release and wether it has any effect on the price of the current 8800 models, namely the GTS.
im not sure where people get the idea pc gaming is so expencive ($5000), obviously you can go crazy and spend that sort of money but it would be a complete waste. just means insteed of 100fps you'd be getting 500fps which makes no difference.

Rooted_Dust4494d ago

I was waiting to move on to DX10. This may be what I was waiting for.

mighty_douche4494d ago

well not yet anyway. if have played around with things that feature dx10 support (bioshock and the like), and i have not notice any dematic difference apart from the massive FPS drop i get from dx9.
obviously we'll have to wait for something like CRYSIS to really tell as the developers built the game from the start with dx10 in mind so this will be the first game to really show whats possible. i personally, even after spending a small fortune to build my pc for dx10, think it was orginally a bit of a gimmick to help sell copies of vista.
if i was you id hold my horses for a bit (month or 2) and see if all these new cards have an effect on the price of the current 8800 models. remember to that theres no point in having the best GPU unless you have a decend processor and ram!

sleekblackroadster4494d ago

they release an in between instead?

with the new 8800gts packing more power does that push the older gts cards down in price or will they stay the same?

i wonder if this new gt is the best buy @ 250 if the gts cards already on the market get pushed down to that price level anyway..

Charlie26884494d ago

According to a previous article about this (with a comparison chart and all) the 8800GTS will not be dropping prices but the GTX and Ultra will (around 50/70 bucks)

Contrary to popular belief it seems NVIDIA wont be lowering all the cards prices for the new ones but actually making some of the new ones more expensive and slightly lowering some cards GTX/Ultra to fit the new cards in the old price points