FIFA '08: Guardian Unlimited Review

What the hell happened to FIFA? Once an appalling arcade kickabout not fit to lace Pro Evolution Soccer's unlicensed boots, FIFA '08 is - whisper it - pretty good.

Online is perhaps the biggest win, with numerous options, stylish presentation and, er godawful menus. Oh and the whole signing-into-EA-before-you-start thing is an annoyance too. But get over that and you have leagues etc that kick Pro Evo's clumsy online efforts into touch.

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sonarus4489d ago

uk aint got no fifa love. no fifa love at all. Pro Evo is the better game but wat a way to bash fifa.

Mr PS34489d ago

Fifa 08 fails to deliver its actully worse than the champions league attempt 6 months ago its Pro evo all the way and the players in fifa look like waxwork dummies nothin like there real life counterparts but what do you expect from EA they think they can get away with selling games on the strength that they have offical this and offical that and then they deliver absolute bollox gameplay you wont ever be gettin my money EA

sonarus4489d ago

ur jst being biased. Pro evo bests fifa on gameplay and gameplay only. Fifa beats pro evo in all other aspects but pro evo gameplay is so strong that its enough to overlook fifa's efforts. Pro evo better start making some major improvements better sign more clubs i dnt wanna play with "man red" anymore. Pro evo is the better game but fifa is catching up and they WILL if pro evo dosent get on their game

karan74489d ago

pes2008 best thats it!!! ok guys just put down ur votes n wht u thing is best
pes2008(1) n fifa08(2)
so i will go for (1)!! put ur vote down n we will see how many thing which is better?

brianodom4488d ago

i'l be back on the fifa train this year..i'll just get both one for the ps3 and theother for the pc