Wii Fitness: Next-Gen Preview

Wii Fitness will calculate your BMI (body mass index), take you through a core fitness regime to determine your 'Wii Fitness Level', and then personalize your aerobics regime. It will make you stretch and pull and rotate, the only reward being your own perspiration (and, ideally, fitness).

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ItsDubC4498d ago

"Wii Fitness is a simple concept executed very well, and the fact that it angered some of the gaming world at its announcement is more an indictment of the industry than an understanding of how it can change the way non-gamers see consoles."

QFT. Wii Fitness still doesn't appeal to me personally but I was open-minded enough to not feel threatened by its announcement and get angry by it. The gaming market has been dwindling over the past decade and Wii Fitness can potentially offer the type of experience that can reverse that trend.