PS3 the Lowest and DS Highest-selling games device in Australia in Q3 with the PS2 in second.

Nintendo's recent hardware dominance has seen its share price reach record highs, and it seems that Aussies haven't been immune to the House of Mario's resurgence. New figures from industry tracker GfK Australia show that Nintendo had the highest selling portable games device (the DS) and the highest-selling next-gen console (the Wii) down under in the last three months, easily eclipsing Sony and Microsoft. Sony's Playstation 2 came in second, whilst the Xbox 360 comes in fourth, a factor contributed to by recent Halo 3 sales.

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"GfK Australia also released the latest install base figures for Australian gaming devices this afternoon. In next-gen consoles, the Xbox 360 is still in the lead, with 222,136 owners down under since launch. The Wii is quickly catching up, however, with a total of 167,899 units altogether. The PS3 has had 82,261 devices sold so far. In Australia, the 360 was first launched in March 2006, the Wii in December 2006, and the PS3 in March 2007."

222,136 = Xbox 360
167,899 = Wii
82,261 = pS3

level 3604489d ago

Still waiting for a ( proper ) pricedrop on the PS3 console around here... Seems Sony could'nt care less around this part of the globe. The bundle deal that they have over here is not even worth buying for the amount of money they're charging us Aussies. Just way too much I reckon.
Guess we'll be the very last to ever get a good deal on the console/games. Shame on you Sony!

masterg4489d ago

It's funny how they squeezed one last gen console in there (PS2) but only that one to make sure the PS3 was last.

razer4489d ago

With their PS3 is killing the 360 in Australia. The damn thing hasn't even sold 100k! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (my Bill Gates impression)

Sony better keep that PS2 around for another few years, its been there saving grace.

sak5004489d ago

I guess all teh blind fanbois already bought their ps3s. With no games in sight sane ones will wait 6-10months to pick up one.

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