Lair: Eurogamer Review - "wonky controls least of Lair's problems"

Upon its American release, back in August, Sony's anticipated flappy dragon epic Lair received the sort of critical reception best described as a "drubbing". Much was said about the decision to use the Sixaxis motion sensor for control, with no option for traditional analogue stick control, and most of what was said was very bad indeed. Sony retaliated by sending out a "reviewers guide" to unimpressed journalists, explaining how to review the game, while Factor 5's Julian Eggebrecht rather patronisingly implored them to "open your mind and hands for something very different!"

Know this much: the slightly wonky control scheme is actually the least of Lair's problems.

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sak5004490d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

Another AAA must have title for ps3, utilitizing bluray and cell engine cannot be replicated on 360.

Edit: @ dix below: Being xbot is better anytime than being Blind sony lemming.

@ JC Denton: Tnx buddy for sticking up bubbs for you.

Real Gambler4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

What this guy is saying is mostly true. Lair is not a 10 for sure. But it's fun, the story is great, and as is said, flying is really intuitive and easy. Fighting is awesome everywhere, but, again, as he said, air dragons combat (fights) are really, really bad. Still, I give it almost an 8, particularly for it's originality. In fact, this review is getting a 3 just for that comment alone: "Lair is emphatically not "something very different". It's just another uninspired aerial combat game, in which the only innovation comes in the form of motion sensing control. If you've played Ace Combat, Panzer Dragoon or Crimson Skies then there's little here that you haven't seen before." How could it be uninspired???? I played Duke Nukem, so there's nothing I haven't seen before in Halo or Unreal??? I've played Mario Kart, does that mean that there's nothing I haven't seen before in Forza or Motorstorm???

Again, RENT the game and make your own opinion. Sure you may not like it, but hey, try to land your Spitfire, and fight on the ground with it and see how you like it... Not sure you can eat your ennemies on the ground with your airplane : ) This is not just another uninspired aerial combat game as he is saying... Be warn though, if you rent it, you may end up buying it, so the game will cost you more (renting fee + game cost)

JCDenton4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

Here we go again!

Nix, why the hell you just called sak500 an "xbot"? What exactly is your problem? You've just insulted someone because he said exactly the same thing that you, and other PS3 fans, have kept mumbling and repeating over the last couple of months.

"Not possible on 360, utilizing Cell, AAA title" over and over again!

DeadIIIRed4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

Just because the game sucks DOES NOT necessarily mean it can be done on any system. So According to sak, a games reviews determine how complicated the programming was? Think real hard before you post.

@ Below
Well I know that Sak doesn't mean what he said as a compliment to the PS3, anyone with brains can figure that out. His sarcasm implies that the game could be done on 360. None of you said the game sucked, I did because it does.

JCDenton4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

I recommend YOU to think real hard and to actually read more carefully other peoples posts before you post.

Tell me, where sak500 said in his post that LAIR is possible/impossible on any other console? And where did I said that?

Also, where sak500 (or me) said that game sucks?

I (and sak500) said the exact damn think PS3 fans heve kept sayin' over and over again. We (me and sak500) did not use " " , so you can't even tell if we're sarcastic or not.

Read before you post!

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Bolts4490d ago

Why the hell are people still reviewing Lair? Thats like doing a Two Worlds or Blue Dragon review at this point in time. Nobody give a rat's ass anyway about these games.

Lucreto4490d ago

It is out in Europe in the next two weeks so european sites will be reviewing it

RadientFlux4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

I agree with this review.... I didn't mind Lair's controls what really got to me was the gameplay flaws

Mark 14490d ago

Must be groundhog day for Sony fanatics!

FirstknighT4490d ago

...that this game isn't possible on the 360. Because the 360 doesn't play garbage! :)

mighty_douche4490d ago

here we go again.... my consoles better than your console....

harpua4490d ago

"this game isn't possible on the 360. Because the 360 doesn't play garbage!"

In fact most of the time the 360 doesn't play anything at all.

DeadIIIRed4490d ago

360 can't even play anything at all (red rings).

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The story is too old to be commented.