Crysis dev on DX10, New IPs, BioShock and Halo 3

With Crysis finished, what's in store for this ever expanding company? Looks like EA and Crytek are going to partner again for a new IP release that should be announced soon. What's the situation with a console version of FarCry, and why does Cevat Yerli not think console FPS games are up to par with PC FPS titles? Is Yerli going to "Finish the Fight" with Halo 3? Not likely considering he wasn't grabbed by the experience. However, you may see him getting his fill on BioShock. All this and more can be found in our expansive interview with Crytek's Cevat Yerli.

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MK_Red4496d ago

The guy is a crazy PC fanboy because I can't believe anyone can pass the offer of playing BioShock and Halo 3. (And I'm not a 360 fan). All 3 games are great, BioShock, Halo 3 and Crysis and all of them must be played.

BloodySinner4496d ago

Not all of us have money for a $5,000 PC, so...

mighty_douche4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

where does the $5000 come from??

i could build a pc that would run crysis on max settings for around £800, add a 22" monitor and your up to a grand max! so in the US you could probably build that for around $1800, thats significatly less than your $5000 wouldnt you say?

edit : at the nubs below....

mate i said £1000/$1800 not $1000, read !!! if i could be assed i could list all the part/prices. i have built around 30 pc's in my time and im currently building 2 for friends purely so they can play games like crysis and the up coming Farcry 2. if you think im talking BS like you say you obviously have no clue to how much pc components cost. heres a quick break down, im just gonna use average prices...
E6750.... £130
Crossfire/sli mobo.... £70
2, thats 2 x1950 pro 512 mb.... £180 the pair (or 8800gts 640 mb £220)
2 gig DDR2 800mhz ram... £45
Vista/xp pro.... £60
Harddrive (300gig enough)... £50
optical drive.... £20
nice case and PSU.... £80
samsung 22" monitor 1650x1080.... £210

i tell you what ill even do the adding up for you shall i...?

DX9 crossfire 1950 rig = £850
DX10 8800 gts rig = £890

oh wow look its not £5000, guess i wasnt talking all that BS you seem to think huh?

now, please learn what your actually talking about and do some research before you start screaming crap at me like a child.

noobs man....

oh no reply from BLODDYSINNER??? oh im shocked....

BloodySinner4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

Don't give me that "I could build a gaming rig under $1000" bullshit when you know you'll end up running that high-end gaming title on the minimum requirements. Then again, your username says it all. You are a douchebag.

ShiftyLookingCow4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

you can build a high end(not absolute best but will run smoothly at max settings) for 1500(a basic quadcore, good air cooling for overclock, an 8800GTX, a couple of other neat hardware and a cheap 20inch LCD). And no, he is a developer not a fanboy, its nice to have a some dev concentrate on PCs instead of whoring out to consoles. And also he said he was hooked to Bioshock after playing the demo, and called it one of the more mature shooters on consoles.

@mighty_douche, good job there

edit: I calculated the price, it comes to about 1800-1900 so not $1500, but now G92 is coming for a rumored price of $250(seeing its performance, its probably 350). So 8800GTX is not even necessary for almost max quality at 1680x1050

mighty_douche4496d ago

i said $1800 for a start not $1500. also ive built that from the prices here in the UK, generally computer components work out even cheaper in the US. in fact ive even mail ordered parts from the US for the sole reason that even with postage im still saving money.

Korosuke4496d ago

Normally, the guy who loves FPS doesn't like console FPS.
It's totally different.

Next-gen console needs HDTV if you want to enjoy full of next-gen feel.
I think hign-end rig's cost and PS3 or 360 plus HDTV's cost aren't different so much.
Maybe the latter is more expensive.

Bolts4496d ago

People who think they need a 5K gaming PC to play Crysis are...

1. Idiots
2. Uninformed idiots

My humble $1200 PC build 8 months ago come equiped with a 8800 GTX and all the trimings. Run the Crysis beta at 720p 40fps on high to very high settings as smooth as butter. Of course the requirement for putting a system like this together at a decent price requires the usage of one's brain, which might explain why some people throw up the $5000 PC quote.

I'm thinking these morons walked into the local retail store, got raped for buying a $2500 POS Dell then think its going to cost them 5K for a gamging machine at doesn't suck. I like to call it the "stupid tax".

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Xi4496d ago

The only PC game from the past that I can put side by side halo 3 is Half life 2. With that said, all other pc fps's take no where near the skill required to use a gamepad. Mouse and keyboard = point and click.

vaan4496d ago

Actually dude your talking from your ass there. There are PC gamers out there with so much skill, you have NO IDEA. No console gamer can even touch someone like Cooller, CZM, Rat, or Fatal1ty. Not a chance.
It's because of the mouse and keys that a higher level of skill and accuracy can be achieved. It does not make the game easier.
You are so off the mark.

mighty_douche4496d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA............ possibly one of the most uninformed/retarded things i heard today. your obviously a complete noob, im not even gonna bother to explain how wrong you really are. im guess that you've only ever owned a console, is that all your mother was willing to buy you?

ShiftyLookingCow4496d ago

what a PC hater! you simply can't accept the fact consoles are limited in comparison to PCs can you

Bolts4496d ago

Its funny when ignorant people pretend to know WTF they're talking about. BTW I'm typing this on my gaming 8800 GTX equiped $1200 gaming PC. People who think a top of the line gamging PC need to be $2K plus should wake the hell up. It isn't 1997 anymore.

AcidRhain4495d ago

are all PC gamers snobby d!ckholes?

Rooted_Dust4495d ago

Yeah it would take skill to make use of a control scheme as useless as joypads compared to the precision you get on KB/M.

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vaan4496d ago

But hey this is reality...

But WTF does this article have to do with PS3?


exactly, cause ps3 is neither a console, nor a pc, and games on ps3 show already that crysis isnt anything that is in anyway hard for ps3 to do, with games on ps3 putting billions of polygons on screen in each frame, in the first year, this guy is on crack

mesh14496d ago

crysis will be similar to farcry lame story ut good action an crysis sux as the mist of the environment looks identical to far cry and it just seems boring console are taking over fps exp 360.

mighty_douche4496d ago

"crysis looks just like farcry"... might have something do do with them both being made by the same team of developers... both are set on tropical islands, what would you prefer they make another dark, gray, washed out fps like all the console games?
also please inform me as to what looks so different between halo 1 and 2 and 3?? environment wise, not graphics.