Halo 3 boosts Xbox 360 sales in Japan

Sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Halo 3 boosted Xbox 360 hardware sales in Japan in the latest retail data.

Media Create Co. on Fri. reported that the Xbox 360 sold 5,215 units between Sept. 24 and Sept. 29. By comparison, the hardware sold 1,687 units the week prior.

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xplosneer4030d ago

Still half of PS3 and a quarter of the Wii....
Nice boost though.

Kees4030d ago

nice boost, but I have to say:

wow what a big difference *sarcasm* :P

joydestroy4030d ago

old news. they're still struggling in Japan.

TheMART4030d ago

That's still SH!T.

MS needs to put out more Japanese specific content they don't even bring to the West.

I mean, Blue Dragon all good, but they might have to say: we are making this big hits and it's Japanese exclusive.

Might have to accept Japan is Wii country. PS3 isn't doing good either.

USA is all about XBOX 360, Europe is about a draw on PS3/360, but UK chooses 360 as the largest market.

MS should maybe focus on upcoming markets like former Eastern Europe, India etc. to get some new marketshare (the countries are upcoming/income is rising).

If they keep USA, stay on par in Europe and get some new markets even, MS will win from Sony because PS3 can't defeat Wii in Japan.

vasilisk4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

It's better to have at least a clue about something in order to state an opinion about it.

Europe was never a draw between PS3/360.
If you check each week separately since ps3's launch you'll see that for 5 months and for every single week ps3 outsold x360 until december in Europe as a WHOLE counting UK numbers as well. And that occured with a 650 euro (and even more in some countries console) and no games as you often like to say (it's getting old btw). Then the price drop came along the halo effect and only then x360's sales surpassed ps3. With the imminent price cut or new the SKU of ps3 and new games coming in (and believe me 200 euros down is a very BIG deal), and the halo effect wearing down in a month or so eventually I wouldn't count in a draw between the 2.
Wii sales in japan are falling down rapidly and from 80-90k to 25k per week. If the 40gb sku is introduced in japan as well, then a great holiday season is coming for sony. For the time being, despite what you think neither one is doing great, that's why M$ lowered the price BEFORE halo3 which if they thought they were doing good they would not do it before, but a month or 2 AFTER halo3 launched. After all it's M$'s flagship and it would draw new customers for x360 so a price cut was not necessary. To do a price cut BEFORE halo3 launches that is a very clear sign that they're not happy with their numbers.

ReBurn4030d ago

What's the total install base in Europe for both systems? I mean, not just the first 5 months?

vasilisk4030d ago

Are you trying to compare a system that's out for 5,5 months with one that's for sale for 18 months?

sak5004030d ago

Doesnt matter if those people dont want to enjoy good quality games. Let them hv big eyed kids running around fighting monsters in all its cartoony glory.

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The story is too old to be commented.