Sony 'plans to cut price of PlayStation 3 by Christmas', According to AFP and Les Echos

Sony spokesman told the AFP that an announcement regarding the rumored $399 PS3 will occur at any moment.

The statement comes after French newspaper Les Echos (a subsidiary of the Financial Times) reported on Thursday that Sony will introduce the unconfirmed 40GB PS3 at a $399 price point in order to boost holiday sales.

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MK_Red4495d ago

Instead of announcing that an announcement is imminent, how about just doing it and lowering the price and making everyone happy?

Jeremy Gerard4495d ago

everyone will not be happy, folks who just paid the old price may be a little put off by yet another price drop. Also, all these price drops so soon after launch and so close together make sony look desperate and prove that the console was overpriced in the first place.

But i agree, shut up and announce the new SKU, im curious if this is just for Europe or is it for the US as well?

Baba19064495d ago

hmm i think everyone who buys tecnology knows thats prices drop quite fast. thats how it works with tvs, pcs, consoles, phones, anything really, and well i think the price had to be high at the beginning. they would have made too much lost. so well, good thing that its droping.

Jeremy Gerard4495d ago

they do happen fast in the electronics business, but this is too fast, lets be realistic here, this new price drop comes just a couple months after the last, that is not the way a product that is doing well is priced. The price is dropping fast because no one is buying the console, period, and that goes for the EU as well, otherwise they would not be dropping it there. Also, why did the 360 wait so long to drop the price if this constant price dropping is so normal?

TheExecutive4495d ago

Hey Jeremy, thos people that just bought the PS3 thought that it was a fair price when they bought it or they wouldnt have got one. They ought to be happy that they have the system they want.

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joydestroy4495d ago

i'm anxious to see what the official specs are.

Blasphemy4495d ago

So your telling me that PS3 is 250 more euros then 360 and 360 barely outsales PS3 in Europe? LOL

Jeremy Gerard4495d ago

no one knows how much the 360 is outselling PS3 by in the EU, there are no reliable numbers from EU sales. Also, PS3 was the market leader the last two gens, the name rec is waay bigger than the xbox name, it should be outselling the 360 by 5 times, especially since Sony tells us it is so much more powerful and Sony fans tell us PS3 games are so much better than the 360 and all it's FPSs. So don't give me this "PS3 is doing well for a 600 dollar system" crap, Sony projected the PS3 would dominate this gen from day one, it is not, and what is happening now was not Sonys "long term plan" that is why Sony is scrambling to sell off chunks of the company to finance the PS3s very survival, you drones need to wake the F up, the PS3 is on thin ice.

JCDenton4495d ago

IMO, PS3 will sell better after a price drop, but I don't believe it'll "fly of the shelves" like many fanboys are hoping. They need killer games + price drop. Some games are coming, but most are delayed till march 2008. Sony need to take into consideration that Micro$oft will react on this, probably with dropping the price of the X360 by 50 or more dollars/euros. I think it's safe to say that 2008. will be a "make or brake" year for Sony and it's PS3. If sales don't improve SIGNIFICANTLY (I DO think it will) after MGS4 and/or FFXIII hit the market, then it will be all over for PS3...

Jeremy Gerard4495d ago

everyone keeps saying after MGS, and FF drop that will tell all, but you guys are off, Sony only has through the end of this year, this holiday season to do well, if they don't sell a crap load of consoles by then,(Jan 08) they are toast, developers will not wait for MGS to drop to decide if the PS3 is a direction they want to continue to make exclusives for. Devs were watching the H3 launch and now they will watch to see how this new 399 sku plays out, if it does not spark PS3 sales, then say hello to a PS3 permanent 3rd place in the console race. Also say hello to great new exclusives and timed exclusives all going to 360/Wii. PS3 will have its 1st party titles and thats it, 360 will remain lead platform for 3rd party.

JCDenton4495d ago

@Jeremy Gerard:

I agree with you on that, but I still think we can for sure tell is PS3 permanently 3rd, after new MGS/FF hit the market. After that, if nothing radically changes, developers would have to be crazy to make games exclusive for PS3. One thing that PS3 fans keep ignoring is that is all about money, not friendship and tradition, meaning - if even MGS4 cannot make money on PS3, it WILL be ported to other platforms.

tuffco4495d ago

You are going to be the first one to trade in your 360 once PS3 kicks in to gear, do me a favour dude shut the hell up you such a looser.

JCDenton4495d ago

Listen, DUDE, I'm not biased toward any console - I'm a PC gamer, and I don't own either Xbox 360 or PS3, because I have better things to do in my life than to mindlessly play games and argue about them with people like you. I'm just passing my opinion here, and I don't really give a rat's a$$ about who will "win this generation". I'm playing games, not consoles, and I could care less if PS3 beats Wii/360 or not. In other words, as long as I'm enjoying games, I don't care on which platform it is. You should try that...

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