5 Reasons Midnight Club: LA Deserves Your Console

5 reasons MC's newest deserves your console from GamesRadar:

1) LA looks incredible
You might've seen Los Angeles in True Crime or LA Rush, but MC: LA best captures the city's extremes of rolling hills and urban hustle. Famous landmarks include the Sunset Strip, the Standard hotel and the Carney's Hot Dogs train. With a full 24 hour day/night cycle, you'll be able to soak up Santa Monica Pier by hazy daybreak. Beautiful.

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Pipebomb4493d ago

Can't wait to pick this one up.

Mecha1054493d ago

Because its a real free lance racing game. You can beat the races in anyway you want in any direction. You have to pick up competition by racing with your opponents first and then they'll challenge you. I've never seen that in any other game.

picker3324493d ago

Look's kind of nice but too many good (Even better) racing game's coming out so no thank you!
Still waiting for burn out paradise & Nfs-ProStreet & Granturismo 5
So let just forget this game and move

Pipebomb4493d ago

have you played any of the MC games? I am a huge GT fan and like the NFS series also. If you have never played any of these, I would suggest giving it a try. You wont be disappointed.