From Halo Hater to Lover

When you looked at the title of the entry, you probably smelled something was fishy. An editor on a 360 site that hates Halo? That is somewhat true and somewhat false. In fact, I hated Halo for most of the time I've owned a 360 and been interested in the 360. Being a new 360 owner as of July, I never considered playing Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, or Halo 3. Sounds like blasphemy yes, but it is the truth.

A Change Of Heart....

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live3604492d ago

Anyone else have a similar experience?

Mr PS34492d ago

Halo sucks!!! now all you queers that disagee hit the ignore and kiss my A$$

Mikey_Gee4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )


This is almost word for word (other than I actually did go and buy the Halo 1 to 3 games in the end)

Never played it, never gave them much attention but then decided to see what everyone was talking about.

Bought 1 and 2 for to play on my 360 and really liked them. And was glad I played 1 and 2 before starting the Halo3 campaign (I waited 4 days after I already had H3 in my hands to play the single mode) and really am glad I did.

Now, would I put it as my NUMBER ONE FPS game ... no (I will save that area for the HL fps's) but none the less, the Halo seris are FANTASTIC GAMES!!

dachiefsman4492d ago

Halo 3 didn't rock my socks was better than Halo 2

snoopgg4491d ago

The game is too short. Multiplayer is snaillike without any sprint button to run. The game seems to just crawl compared to better fps outthere. The graphics were very jaggie and could have been way better for a next gen game that had more then enought time in developemnet. I was really disappointed and took my copy of Halo3 back within a week of purchasing it. I just think that the whole Halo experience is so overrated and will be playing other fps that move a hella lot faster and look better to boot.