GamePro Feature: 7200rpm vs. 5400rpm: Does PS3 hard drive speed matter?

Does the PlayStation 3 benefit from a speedier 7200 RPM drive? According to GamePro's tests, not as much as you might think.

GamePro put two hard drives, a stock PS3 drive running at 5400rpm, and the other at 7200rpm, through a series of simple stopwatch tests to figure out whether drive speed matters to the PS3. Tests include: PS3 startup time, game background load time, time to load Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, time to load first fight in Tekken 5, time to quit mid-match and return to XMB, and time to install version 1.82 update

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neogeo4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

what do you guys think its 10k! and seems to run cool enough

Also check the difference between 7200rpn and the 10k note the seek time!

NEVER MIND!!! I want this drive Solid State!
I don't want to sound rude but will someone please buy me this!?!?!

yaf4490d ago

don't think am gonna change mine any time soon

Rama262854490d ago

I don't see the point in paying more for only those few seconds. But it's good to see it doesn't make the PS3 any louder or hotter, so if you have the cash to splash, then why not? Is there any other negative besides costing more?

mithril4489d ago

i changed my 60GB drive for a 120GB
80$ for my 120GB 2.5 5400 RPM

and buy vantec MRK-250ST for my old 60 GB drive
i have a external sata 60GB with bay for insert drive directly on my computer, sata on my computer in bay.

and external usb2.0 on other computer or my ps3 for file transfer