Goldman Sachs: Nintendo Looks A Lot Like Apple

Wired Game|Life writes:

Investment banking firm Goldman Sachs began covering Nintendo today with a "buy" rating, saying that the company's "innovative business model... could bring it close to the level of Apple" in terms of stock valuation.

Investors quickly started buying, bringing Nintendo's stock to an all-time high of 64,800 yen. Goldman Sachs' target price is 71,000 yen, so expect even more records to be set in the next little while.

The news comes via Game|Life's official favorite analyst blog, Information Arbitrage, which goes a bit deeper today on the similarities between Nintendo's and Apple's business models. "Vertical integration" is the word of the day.

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ChickeyCantor4498d ago

didnt read the whole thing but, is it me or didnt we had more of these news post a while back?......

PS360WII4498d ago

yea we did. This guy is just re-iterating it all over again. It seems like a copy and paste sort of blog he wrote. Ah well

Bolts4498d ago Nintendo's lack of brand presence in males beyond the age 10. Wii owners are not hardcore gamers and they're not the type who will rush out and buy the latest games.

PS360WII4498d ago

hmmm yea going to have to disagree with you on that. Nintendo has a lot of hardcore gamers they just don't throw it up in everyones mouths like the hardcore of the other systems. But to each his own

ChickeyCantor4498d ago

i have a wii and trust me im running when a new game comes out.

ItsDubC4498d ago

"What he didn't mention is my perception that Nintendo lacks brand presence in males beyond the age of 10, despite hard evidence indicating that 56% of Wii-owners who purchased in the first 6 months of the console's release are over the age of 18."

Kholinar4498d ago

@ Dubc


A better way to put it is Xbox/Ps3's lack of brand presence with anyone outside of males in the age range of 14-30. Nintendo has plenty of presence in that age group but they have even more outside of it.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 4498d ago
ShadoWulf4498d ago

...because they both have shiny white surfaces. Except Apple ditched that, so I guess they're different again now.

The one blatant difference is that Nintendo doesn't overcharge for their brand name.