IGN Reviews Go! Sports Ski 2.1/10

First there was Super Rub-a-Dub, the drain-swirling rubber ducky simulator that many had guessed would likely remain the PS3's worst game throughout most, if not all, of its lifespan. Then came Championship Sprint, a shoddy port of an arcade game that managed to barely nudge out Super Rub-a-Dub for the worst game on the system. Once again, IGN didn't think it could get any worse. But then along came Go! Sports Ski.

The game is priced at $2.99 USD and CND. Read on for the full review...

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the greatest4894d ago

because my girl and kids love
Super Rub-a-Dub

ISay4893d ago

my sisters kids love rub a dub, and calling all car, and feeding frenzy for 360 im so tired of reviewers not taking into account what your getting for the money and who the target audience is, this is why games get a bad rap if your not shooting or kill ing something apparently its not worth any ones time

xplosneer4894d ago

I understand whining about controlls BUT IT'S FREAKING $2.99 AT $2.99 YOU CAN NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF CONTENT PERIOD.

Rama262854893d ago

Exactly, so $2.99 is 20th of the cost of a full production game so you'd expect it to have around 20 times as less content?

This review hasn't taken the cost into contention at all.

Douchebaggery4894d ago

it seem to me like another case of hate it or love it

DrPirate4893d ago

Thank God I didn't pay for this one (Not like I wanted it anyways). Some sucker I know bought it and it really is all that and a bag of ass.

Sorry if you disagree, I reserve the right that this is my opinion. I thought even for 3 bucks, the point is, you're still screwed out of three bucks that could pay for half of a good game like Everyday Shooter.

wil4hire4893d ago

Thought the game looked neat. Bought it, my gf and I are having fun with it. Same as Rub-A-Dub..

The CHEAP PSN games are like the sci-fi channel. They are all just cheesy fun games. Cant wait for the bowling. No idea why these are even rated.. not like someone is sitting on the fence waiting for a review to spend 3 dollars.

Idmpc4893d ago

I agree with you. I never cared about reviews, I'm my own reviewer, but reviewing a $2.99 game is simply stupid. Wonder if they're reviewing games like minesweeper too?

sonarus4893d ago

i had 3 bucks in ma wallet and bought it. And i gotta say it wasnt that bad. Motion controls don't suck and its jst a simple game. I mean its a game bout skiing. You wont love it and its definetly more of a casual game but at 3 bucks it really aint dat bad. Wat more can you expect for 3 bucks. if you have money in ur wallet go for it but aint worth putting money in ur wallet 2 get it.

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The story is too old to be commented.