How far will you go for achievement points?

With the new release of Project Gotham Racing 4 comes a slew of brand new achievements, 50 to be exact worth 1,000 points, for every red blooded achievement collector to drool over. But the one that really caught Loot Ninjas attention was the one where you need to buy a gamer picture?!

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drunkpandas4489d ago

Seriously... paying for achievement points? That's an all time low. I mean the services that do this are one thing, but developers actively making achievements to boost profits on their end is totally ridiculous.

ShiftyLookingCow4489d ago

you are making something out of nothing, impressive, only rivaled by God in Genesis(at least according to some people)

toughNAME4489d ago

I wouldnt buy an achievement...cuz your not earning it...people will see you bought it????


i only have 300/1000 achievemetn points in PGR3..after 2 yrs!

PGR4 also looks like the achievements will be really hard

anyone know whne the Canadian release date is? cuz ill be pickin it up :D

AllroundGamer4489d ago

it's pretty much the opposite, i collected 460 APs in about 4-5 hours of gameplay in PGR4.

spartan112g4489d ago

It's only 1,000,000 Kudos points in the game, and you are not spending real money.

Asuka4489d ago

i really don't care about achievement points. I just want to play the game.

ZeroTolerance4489d ago

Wow this guy needs to do research, this is how fanboy arguments start. The achievement isn't earned with real money, seriously it's hard to trust reliability of a writer when they can't even do research.

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The story is too old to be commented.