Halo 3 may be pulling Xbox out of the mud

When Xbox first hit the market five years ago, it was given little chance of catching the Sony PlayStation console. But, Microsoft was willing to make a huge investment in the project. Over the last three fiscal years, the devices division of the world's largest software company has lost $3.7 billion. While the $300 million sales of "Halo 3" will put a dent in that loss going forward, the deficit will not be overcome unless Xbox 360 unit sales tick up sharply.

Microsoft still has to face a potential price cut on the Sony PS3, which needs to goose sales,and the already successful Nintendo Wii. At least it as something that customers can finally get excited about. Just in time for the holidays.

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Xbox is the BEST4084d ago

PRAY B3YOND that our PS3 sells well. Because we got 1 game on gamerankings that got a 90% rating and it's also on the Xbox 360. Maybe next year when games start to come out , but it might be too late.

unsunghero284084d ago

But it's not really that simple.

I think if Sony drops the PS3's price stateside, a lot of people will buy it for games like Warhawk or Resistance, and also in anticipation of MGS4, LBP, and FFXIII.

Plus, the PS3 (if $400) would be the cheapest Blu-Ray player available; SpiderMan 3, Ratatouille, and At World's End is quite a knock out too.

Kuest4084d ago

with Unsung hero. If the PS3 drops in price > It will sell a @#$! load of consoles. How nice.

Back to the TOPIC of this thred- I think that Halo 3 not only pulled MS from the mud but established it as a SERIOUS competitor in the gaming market (not a dreamcast- sorry guys).

Jinxstar4084d ago

@ kuest

Dreamcast was awesome. I dont know why nobody bought it. Virtua tennis, Soul Calibur, Sonic, Shenmue and Jet set Radio were all bad ass games...

but yes I see your point. I loved my DC though...

Kuest4084d ago

You see I also thought Dreamcast was excellent (Sonic adventures destroyed ALL of PS2's launch games with lightning quick ease). Its just that, sales-wise, it could not compete with the media juggernaut of PS2. Evidently, MS (a company with WAY less experience in console gaming than Sega) has elevated beyond the "uncertainty" faze and is now here to stay. Just like the PS3.

I loved me some DC too- miss those days.

nasim4084d ago

x360 is the least selling console in the world and this BOT talks trash.

x360 has no games.......the only games it has GEARS and BIOSHOCK ARE also on PC.

you already seen that only existing x360 owners purchased HALO 3.

ps3 is droppin to 399$ this OCTOBER----doomsday for X360

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Myth4084d ago

I'll buy Gears of War on my PC it's a better version anyway.

The game will feature five new singleplayer chapters, a new "King of the Hill" multiplayer game mode, three new multiplayer maps, a game editor, and the first and last showdown with the infamous Brumak boss. "Once you fire it up on the's almost like an entirely new game," remarked Bleszinski. the Windows version's singleplayer campaign-- which Bleszinski compared to a director's cut DVD--can be started from Act 5, allowing those who have already played the original to dig right into the five new chapters. With this extra content heading only to the PC, the question arises: will it ever be coming to Xbox 360 owners? The answer, it turns out, is complicated. So much has changed to the engine for Gears PC that it would need to be entirely reworked again in order to port it back to the Xbox 360. "Putting that content back on the Xbox 360 would be a huge hurdle," said Fergusson.

Playing Bioshock right now on my PC and I have to say it's about a 7.5.
So again why am I buying a 360?

Kuest4084d ago

Why ARE you buying a 360? Only you can know.

(although, I have a slight inkling that it may be, perhaps, MASS EFFECT?)

Jrome4084d ago

How do we know mass effect won't come to PC as well :p. That's what he's trying to say :p.

Definitely getting that game for 360 though.. my PC is too ghetto :(

jaja14344084d ago

Because you like coping and pasting the same post over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Ack almost got myself suck in an infinite loop!Damm you while loops.DAMM YOU!!!

Ohh because the 360 cost under 400$ and a PC that play those games cost at least 1000ish.

Myth4084d ago

I upgraded my PC several months before the 360 even came.
2.4 amd 64 athlon
1.5 ram
6800 Geforce AGP

I can play Bioshock max settings.
$1000 PC would be overkill for those games.
Even if Mass Effect turns out to be a good game, I still need more than that for me to buy 360.

jaja14344084d ago

I had this argument I was all about to present, then I realized that your just asking these questions to try and lure someone into an argument as to why the 360 is just evil. Or something like that.

Buy a 360 or get one of the few games that goes to the PC, either way MS gets your money! I doubt they care.

Myth4084d ago

Just want some honest feedback. I really was thinking of buying a 360, but my point was is Microsoft keeps giving me reasons not to by not only releasing the good games for the 360 on the PC but making them better. Gears of War single player twice as long, more maps etc.

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Real Gambler4084d ago

There's plenty of exclusives coming out in the next few weeks for both the Wii and the PS3... Why are you crossposting a news about Microsoft finance and Halo 3 all over the place...

Shall we post back in the Microsoft side, everytime an exclusive comes out? I'm sure that games like Unreal, Haze, Ratchet, even Eye of Judgement will help the PS3 sales... But I'm also sure 360 fans do not care about it, so I would not crosspost that kind of unrelated information to them, everytime it does come out...

Please keep information about exclusive game to the right section.

chrisin34084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

I second that. I give Halo all its credit, but no offense; I am just plain sick of hearing about that game. There is such a thing as over marketing a game.

For Mr. Disagree, I do give halo its credit, but I am sick of hearing about that game. I got sick of hearing about heavenly sword as well; however, Halo's marketing volume is ousting HS by like 75 percent. Halo is not a brand new IP, it doesn't need so much overdone jazz.

tchat10014084d ago

exactly... who put this crap over here??

chrno4084d ago

Bloodmask, one of the trio of xbots besides themart and JasonX

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