Gamesradar review Folklore

Given that the Playstation 2 was once the mighty home to all things RPG, the PS3 is going through a bit of a dry spell. But we understand, the system's still in its salad days and probably doesn't want to embarrass itself by porting something unworthy of it's $600 prowess. So is Folklore going to ease the agonizing wait between infinity and a Final Fantasy game? Well the answer is: sorta, kinda, maybe and for the most part, not really.

The best thing up Folklore's sleeve is the massive arsenal of beasties at your disposal. You could hardly call it a hack-and-slasher because your primary weapon is, well, everything. Nearly anything you can kill you can also embody, allowing over a hundred different creatures, machines, and otherworldly beings with which to dole out pain.

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gunnerforlife4665d ago

the sleeping beast when it wakes all will bow down to it,lets hope lol.

synce4665d ago

Christ, since when do so many people not understand what classifies a game as RPG? Firstly, there are no character classes or parties in Folklore. Secondly, there are no more stats to keep track of than in your typical action/adventure game. And thirdly, no spiky haired hero. So what the f*ck?

Douchebaggery4665d ago

two player co-op in that game would've been sweet.....i think (maybe not)

MK_Red4665d ago

Hope in the awards season, they don't forget about this game's mindblowing art design. Still, I believe it's a great game and support IGN's 9/10.

TheThinker4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Other reviews, such as GameTrailers, didn't really focus on the aesthetics and the storyline as much even though an RPG demands such focus. IGN's review so far is the most complete and thorough, and while I have never played the game I trust reviews like theirs when they pack a lot of detail behind their opinions. That says to me not only that they played the game but digested it.

lonestarmt4664d ago

Remember when heavenly sword was reviewed by IGN? it got a 7 but all the lesser sites gave it almost perfect scores, but obvious they didn't count those on gamerankings and it got HS a 81% blastmaphy in my eyes. Then this game gets a 9 from ign, but everyone else is sayins eh, 7's. Interesting. haha I wonder if the others just don't understand folklore or IGn is just trying to make up for their crappy reviews of late. I think like most games, when a game gets up and down score it just matters if you like premise of the game to begin with and if you do you will love it