Kaz Hirai Q&A: PS3 VS 360, PlayStation Network, Blu-ray & More

Here is part of the interview:

HiHD: What are the primary erroneous points of information/misconceptions out there in blogger-land about PS3 in general and vs Xbox?

HIRAI: I have heard many people say our competitors' systems are just as powerful as PS3. That simply is not true. No other next-generation entertainment system pushes the envelope on advanced technology like PS3. I have heard people say that a high-capacity game delivery vehicle like Blu-ray isn't necessary in a next-generation computer entertainment system. You just can't expect that the 9 GBs of storage capacity found on today's DVDs are going to have enough space to hold tomorrow's games. Developers have already pushed the DVD to its limits in terms of space used. We had games like 'Resistance: Fall of Man' coming in 16 GBs at launch. That game simply wouldn't be possible on any other system without using multiple discs. There is no doubt in my mind that you need more capacity on discs for truly next-generation gaming, and Blu-ray gives us that space.

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THC CELL4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

ok lets put it this way

This is a message to other next gen consoles you have seen nothing yet. ps3 is here to stay

They are going by the word

Future proof

TheSMART4489d ago

PlayStation 3 is future proof and here to stay.

nasim4488d ago

with 399$ ps3 SONY takes back the no 1 crown from NINTENDO.

the ps3 is roughly around 5--10x as powerful as the x360.

OCTOBER sees the death of x360 in EU and JAPAN

and DECEMBER sees the end in NA

drtysouf214489d ago

rumored 40GB $399 PS3 on the horizon things are looking up for Sony. It'll be interesting to see where things are by this time next year!

TheSMART4489d ago

will be next year! With system seller franchises such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy XIII series, Gran Turismo, lower priced PlayStaion 3 and more even the hardcore 360 fans have to admit the PlayStation 3 will eventually surpass the 360. You 360 fans have had your time in the spot light but its time for the veteran champ to take over. Don't get me wrong the 360 has had a great run but you surely must have known this time would come. It was inevitable.

jackfatal4489d ago

i love the way u write it! its exactly how i think and how any human that have an idea of the playstation and with logical brain think!!
its because they were so terrified of this moment that made them keep making all the gaming site so boring with their comments saying the ps3 and sony is dead!!

MarioFromTexas4489d ago

They don't mind switching disc and save $100 but spend $250 more to play online when PC and PS3 are free.

DrRage774488d ago

i'd rather switch discs on great games rather than play mediocre 6 hour long games that take up 20gb LMFAO...oh wait, i don't have to with games like Mass Effect that are 40 hours long and fit on a 9gb DVD!!!!

WilliamRLBaker4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

hmmm tomorrows games...would mean next gen which means that current gen dvds are good enough? he needs to learn how to word things better.

Oh and Resistance? uncompressed crap, it came in at 16 gigs because of that and only that.

and where is the truely next gen gaming on the ps3? they've yet to release any thing that pushes the envelope in terms of gameplay, sound...ect only graphics have been pushed and they are easily matched and surpassed by the 360 and PC's.

Edit: need to clearify that I dont think resistance is crap, but that its uncompressed all most all the way through, I've yet to find any insomniac folks saying how much if at all compression they used on the title....So no resistance isn't crap i've played it and like it, but its uncompressed and thats the only reason it clocked in at 16 gigs.

jlytle12344489d ago

just remember that whatever you compress has to be decompressed before you can play it. That increases loading time. Or your going to compress it on a dvd and decompress it onto the harddrive before you play. But MS already screwed themselves on that. They released a sku without a harddrive and devs dont want to cut out gamers by making a game that requires a harddrive. So I guess the old loading wars from last gen are going to come back into effect before long.

TheSMART4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

hates on the PlayStation 3. You guys are short sighted and have a short attention span. You can not grasp or comprehend that Sony has built the PlayStation 3 to stand the test of time. You constantly bash the PlayStation 3 saying it has no games and its to highly priced yet you have no plans on purchasing one. You claim Sony hasn't shown what differentiates the PlayStation 3 from the 360. Well no one but you expected the PlayStation 3 to come out of the gate and completely dominate and so when it didn't you quickly jumped on the band wagon of claiming the PlayStation 3 is doomed. Its only 10 months old and has yet to release a known system selling franchise i.e. FFXIII MGS4, Gran Turismo. but has still sold pretty well in the face of competition from the Wii and 360 with a high price point. What do you think is going to happen when the 2 lame arguments (Price/Lack of Games) gets rectified? The PlayStation 3 will start to dominate.

Here are some factors that you 360 fans completely forget.

1. Over 200 million sold of PlayStation branded systems which means hundreds of millions of people know and are familiar with the PlayStation brand.
2. Consumers are starting to upgrade their standard def tv's to high def and when they do this they will be looking for a high definition player to play those movies. Those that have families will see that Disney exclusively supports Blu-ray and will opt to go with that format.
3. Price and Game selection will be a mute point starting in the coming weeks.

Some things to note.

Sony has about half of the 360 user base in 10 months while facing:

Other competition Wii & 360
Negative news and Media attention
High price point
Small software selection
Barely any marketing and advertising
No guaranteed system sellers i.e. FFXIII MGS4 GT

So that shows that when all those factors come into play the PlayStation 3 will outsell the 360 this generation beginning in 2008.

360 is NOW but the PLAYSTATION 3 is the FUTURE!

jaja14344489d ago

Well to be fair alot of the 5 mil people who bought the PS3 are people who are Sony loyal. Now I might poke fun about how silly it is to buy any product based on name brand but thats just me and truth be told, I'm the minority in this.

But aways the whole "test of time" argument is just silly. I'm sure that in 2011 or whatever year that MS releases their next system, Sony will release theirs because as you saw this time around, you really can't afford to go last.

And someone said it was "future proof". Now this is has nothing to do with Sony, but there is not one frekin thing in this world that is "future proof" especially electronics. So stop saying that it is.

TheSMART4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

You are closed minded and let me show you why. Do you really think their are only 5 million Sony loyal? About 120 million PS2 owners disagree with you. Their are Sony loyal who don't have the budget to afford the PS3 at its current price point, their are Sony loyal whose favorite games have not been released for the PS3 yet. MGS4 FFXII GT. Their are Sony loyal who are just waiting for the right time to upgrade. Yes Microsoft brought out the 360 first this generation but Sony began the PlayStation brand long before Microsoft and that is why they have the biggest advantage. Its is silly to say that Everyone that has already purchased the PS3 are Sony Loyalists. Its silly to say their aren't millions more Sony loyalists waiting for the right price and game selection to purchase the PS3.

@ Will what you fail to realize is that even if only 25% of PS2 owners are loyal thats still enough PS3 sales to put the PS3 ahead of the 360.

@ jaja you just proved my point your waiting for the right price and right selection of games but you will eventually get one which is exactly the mindset of many PS2 owners out their. So like i said PS2 owners will eventually upgrade when the game selection and price is right.

WilliamRLBaker4489d ago

if you believe that all 120m are loyal sony hardcore gamers....yeah no they are casuals a good 80% of the ps1's user base and the ps2's are Casual gamers and this is fact.

Or are you gonna tell me that there are 120 hardcore gamers out there? *laughs hard*

jaja14344489d ago

Did I say that there were only 5 mil loyalist or that everyone who bought one is? And as far as your 120 mil would disagree, umm no. Hell I bought my PS2 5 years ago. And yet I don't own a PS3, though mostly because 600$ is to much for any gaming machine and its CURRENT lack of games. Maybe in 2 or 3 years, I'll pick it up when its in the 150$ range.

And actually you know what, I don't care. Your just going to try and nit pick what I say. So...

occamsrazor4488d ago

Yeah buddy, learn to do some maths....If 80% are casual, that still leaves 24 mil. hardcore gamers. - Add the few casuals and the people who buy this console based purely on its media playback capabilities, and you're looking at market dominance. (That's according to your maths anyway...Hmmm. Come to think of it, I do like your maths...)

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