Will Microsoft Lose Its Golden Goose if Bungie Cuts Cord?

TechNewsWorld reports:

"It's been just one week and $300 million since Microsoft's Bungie Studios pulled off the biggest release in video game history, but rumors are already swirling that Redmond may cut Bungie lose. The possible divorce, though, wouldn't necessarily be on bad terms. Microsoft would probably hang on to everything 'Halo,' and Bungie could make big bucks in a riskier independent position."

InStat analyst Brian O'Rourke and WedBush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter speculate differently on what will happen between Microsoft and Bungie if they part ways, and Enderle Group principle analyst Rob Enderle provides a financial rationale for the split.

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razer4498d ago

MS has already got other developers expanding the Halo universe with things like Halo Wars(Ensemble Studios). Halo was meant to be a trilogy and that is what Bungie stated from the beginning.. They didn't want it to turn into some Final Fantasy or Metal Gear where there is a million sequels that are much of the same.

AngryTypingGuy4498d ago

This could end up being a good thing. Bungie may come up with another megahit. The important thing however is that Microsoft keeps the rights to Halo.

Fighter4498d ago

If Bungie does become independent then I believe they won't leave the MS family at all. It's like saying that Insomniac games or Naughty Dog will leave Sony despite them being independent studios.

Sayai jin4498d ago

This whole thing is MS loses Bungie, people might as well MS loosing MS. MS owns 100% of Bungie, ie there are no Bungie stocks, they are MS stocks. If some of the devs are tired of working on Halo this is what I thin S will do: The will hire more highly skilled employees into Bungie, then break split the Dev teams up. One or two teams will work on new IP's another will work on Halo games and content (remember Bungoe still has to do updates and stuff to Halo 3), and maybe a few people will start working with the director for the Halo movie. I think it would be good move to let a talented dev team like bungi work on some other games, they will probaly strike gold with another hit or two, thats a scary thought for some. MS will probaly will have first refusal right, which means that if a game is made then MS will have firs dibs, they can say yes this gme will be a MS exclusive or no we do not want that gae on our system(s) or make it multiplatform. If Bungie(MS) makes a game and MS tells them to go multi or make it for another system it would mean that Sony or Nintendo would be buying games from MS. It's as simple as that. I do not think Sony or Nintendo needs this and they would probaly stray way from it.

@Cheech-MS relationship with Bungie is not like Sony relationship with Insomniac. MS owns Bungie.

Nameless4498d ago

Hell no Microsoft will just get another studio to work on Halo games (like they are already doing) It will be as simple as that.

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