1191 A.D.: Brotherhood of Assassins

Choose your city...

And choose it wisely. The city that you choose is where you will remain throughout your 1191 A.D. journey. It is where you will pledge your allegiance to the Brotherhood of Assassins. A society filled with many secrets and rewards. Within this brotherhood, you can complete missions and plot against fellow assassins to gather special treasures (wich will score you the chance to gain rich rewards such as exclusive Assassin's Creed gear, Xbox 360 consoles, Alienware gaming laptops, and even a journey of your choice around the world). While ultimately unlocking the secrets embedded deep within 1191 A.D.

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skynidas4490d ago

this game is going to be amazing

Jdash244490d ago

wow this is really going to add replayability.......ima have to make a file for each brotherhood

Jekul4490d ago

Actually if you follow the link it will lead you to an Assassins Creed Social networking site. In order to win those prizes you do missions, etc and basically create content for them. If you win you win # of treasures. More the better prize in the end.

the worst4490d ago

why no demo???????
they no it suckz

green_ghost54490d ago

Heavenly sword now that is a game that sucks, assassins creed will be awesome. quiet being a fu*kbag.

joydestroy4490d ago

yeah dude, this game is going to be awesome.

BloodySinner4490d ago

green_ghost5, your comment doesn't make any sense.

Ahhhh4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

Well, Aint you just a dumbass... Not all games have demos.. The games the really need demos are the ones that need to prove them self and I don't think UbiSoft has to prove them self with this game.

Ahhhh4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

But, yea, this game is going to be awesome

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